Breakfast smoothie


Have you ever noticed the Melrose products in your supermarket? Down the health food isle, they were the company that first introduced me to ‘natural nut spreads’ their ABC Spread is my absolute favorite, followed by the Almond and the cashew they were one of the first companies doing this, and are well known does their delicious mix.

But its not the only items they have for offer. Their health range has expended into greens, flaxseeds, chia seeds and other ‘super foods’ as well as coconut oil refinded and unrefinded, as well as the Little Birdy range of beauty care.

One difference of natural nut butters to the normal (need I mention eg Kraft brands) is that the natural ones, like those of melrose are only ground nuts without the nasty butters and oils added. Nuts contain natural oils, so why add these? That’s one reason you can oil move to the top of your jar sometimes and its important to give it a little stir before you use or be careful when opening! I know I find it easy to even heat it a little first to get the movement happening, down in Tassie it gets pretty fresh!

What about refinded vs unrefinded coconut oil? Like hulled and unhulled tahini, unrefined just doesnt go through as many processes as unrefined. Refined coconut oil  refers to coconut oil that has been bleached, and deodorized as well as sodium added to increase the shelf life. While unrefined is coconut oil extracted from fresh coconut meat rather than dried it will also have a much more distinct coconut flavour. Refind is still fine to use, infact its smoking point is higher so better for some higher heat cooking!

Now back to the Melrose products I have used, I got creative with their Green blend. I was a bit apprehensive, greens are not something I have had awesome experience with. Typically the mix of wheat grass, barley and other antioxidant good products are not considered the more tasty blend. but even opening this and giving it a smell, I was excited to put this to good use! Readying the directions suggested shot back or with apple juice, assuming for the added natural sweetness so I took inspiration from this. Its not really a ‘dairy’ add product. Try this, see if you like it;


 Breakfast smoothie
Makes 1

1/3c oats
1c milk of choice
1tbsp Greek yogurt
1tsp honey
2tbsp Apple puree*
1tsp chia seed
1tsp green tea (matcha powder)
Pinch cinnamon
1 heaped tsp Melrose complete mega greens powder
1tbsp Melrose almond or abc spread (can omit)

1. Soak your oats in milk for 20minutes.
2. Add everything to a blender except the chia seeds and blend well
3. Pour into your glass and top with chia seeds
This is great even made the night before to grab on the go!

* you can make your own Apple puree by stewing your apples and blending to a puree. Store in airtight container for up to two days in the fridge.
Other uses of this include into nut butters, pancake topping and with your toast!


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