Circuit workout

Lately, as part of my competition prep we have been doing a circuit workout, once a week. The concept is similar to strongman training. The weights are reasonable and the aim is to be both fatigued, puffed and pumped up.

The workouts are run solely by my trainers from ProTraining, Michael and Kate, who have both been training and educating themselves in strongman training.

How does it work? A series of large, compound movements performed for a length of time, with a short break before commencing the next exercise. Exercises can range from squats, DeadLifts, box jumps and tyre push. Alternating between the major muscle groups ensures all areas are reached and maximum exhaustion allowed.

One of the circuits put together comprised of the following exercise, performed for 2 mins, with a 30 second break between each before moving on to the next.

Clean and press
front squats
rope swings
sled push/pulls
strongman walk
tyre pushes
box lumps
dead lifts
hammer swings
chin ups

Combinations of these or similar can be done for different levels of ability and depending on your needs. You can change it up by altering the order, changing the time, the weights and the rest periods. You can do it with a friend, 30sec on and 30 sec off for the desired time frame, having the encouragement of a training partner is helpful.
Try something like this. You can even do this type of work outside, adding in lunges, stair climbs and ball slams. Use your body weight for a good workout to in terms of circuit training. the lower weights the more the work out will become more cardio based.


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