Blessed and Lucky Nut Butters

blessed and lucky peanut butters

blessed and lucky peanut butters

There is just something delicious about nut butters, and in particular for me, peanut butter. Homemade, roasted, natural, crunchy, sweetened and spiced. The more options I have the better. I ma like a pig in mud when it comes to discovering a new product that is available in the form of peanut butter and cannot wait to get my hands on to it to try.

So when I found Blessed and Lucky’s peanut butter range that included a honey  maple and a cinnamon spiced peanut butter, well I just had to try them for myself.

My order came in, from the Blessed and Lucky Team, I was at my office at work. Immediately, I had to whip the lids off of these three jars and give them a smell. The peanut butter smell I love filled my senses and I wanted to eat it tight then. But I knew butter, I don’t want peanut butter breath all day. And as easy as it would be to lock myself in my little office with a spoon where no one could see me consume these tubs of deliciousness, I new I could do some wonderful things with them. So best not be greedy.

After going home and showing my partner, I revaluated what I had before me. The cinnamon spice smells delicious, warming and not over powering. Cinnamon specs throughout the spread, you knew the flavour was there. I imagined how good this would be on a warm piece of fruit bun, raisin toast or combined with other nus, pecans?

The honey and peanut butter I was a little dubious. previously I have had honey mixed peanut butters and I guess it depends on they type of honey used, and the ratios. The one I have had in the past was 50% of each, and let me tell you, for me that is to much. The combination of honey to peanut butter in this combination though, just right. Adding the sweetness and flavour of the honey, but still subtle enough that it is peanut butter that you are eating. Peanut butter, honey, why not add to a banana smoothie, or straight on top of your banana slices, afternoon snack?

The peanut butter maple combination, this one excited me the most for sure. All I thought of was America, where peanut butter is loved and Maple Syrup a staple. Maple adds a distinct complex flavour that cant be replicated, it is delicious and sweet and used in a variety of dishes from candied nuts, glazes, dressings and desserts. The smell of the maple in the peanut butter for me stood out the most compared to the other flavours. This one would be the one I would want to eat with a spoon the most. But again I refrained, instead I decided to utalise it in a recipe; peanut butter and chocolate brownie swirl protein balls. The chocolate layer in this recipe really calls for no sweetness to be added, I think enough is brought in from the peanut butter maple itself. I think this would be the winner for me added to my pancakes, if added while hot the peanut butter and maple would melt over it, not longer needing the additional squeeze of maple syrup. In fact, I think I will make to make these next, I have talked myself into it.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Brownie Swirl Protein Bites

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Brownie Swirl Protein Bites – using the Blessed and Lucky Peanut and maple spread!

They even have a range of mayos and salad dressings.

Now often I do promote the healthier alternative, the blessed and lucky wont be found in the health food isle, but when it comes to peanut butter, all is forgiven. After all, when you eat peanut butter at a rate like me, it isn’t really healthy anymore anyway.

You can jump onto the Blessed and Lucky Facebook page to view their range, they are also available in your local supermarket! But bare with them, they are working on their website 🙂

Have you tried their product? Which is your favourite?




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