Bulk Nutrients – New Products

Yesterday I made comment on the new Bulk Nutrients website, so today I thought I would go for the information on the newest products!


As any company should do, Bulk Nutrients are consistent with their new product releases. So far this year has been new flavours in their Thermowhey range more recently Strawberry, the addition of coconut rough or choc coconut as some like to call it in the muscle foods, WPI/WPC range. I love the choc coconut flavour and it now has a place in my cupboard at home. (My pantry does have a shelf dedicated to Bulk Nutrients Supplements!) I even used this is my own recipe creation of coconut lemon cream tart which I will share in the coming weeks!

Entirely new products have also been released as well as revisions and products in the works.

New products include:

  • Protein Matrix This feels like an old product now but it only came out at the start of the year and it is more in-line with the popular other major brand proteins. It is a blend of Whey Protein Concentrate and Isolate, milk protein as well as having great levels of glutamine, EEAs, BCAAs for growth and recovery. It also has a thicker consistency than the straight whey protein isolate/concentrate for a creamier drink. With the added enzyme in their product for easier digestion of the lactose it’s a great addition to the range for those that can’t tolerate the lactose but can’t stomach pea/rice proteins either!
  • 10994875_1618326068380978_9150723570588462073_n
  • Protein PancakesA long time coming, protein pancakes have been around by protein and other health food providers for a little while now so the demand for the Bulk Team to provide was there! So now they have delivered! The protein pancakes are delicious coming in cinnamon, vanilla and chocolate (my flavour preference is that order) they come in single serve sachets for your convenience with a just add water mixing method! With a massive 40g of protein a serve and a good combination of carbohydrates these are a filling and delicious meal. Personally I am always super eager for these, and I often have a double serving. Topped with a PB2 (powdered peanut butter) sauce, natural peanut butter, goji berries and maybe some maple these are a ‘cleantreat’.
  • Hyper hydrolyse A whole new product to the Bulk Nutrients shelves while I personally don’t use it, there is obviously a demand for it, and it looks brilliant in the packaging. The purpose of the Hyper-Hydrolyse is the fastest absorption rates of your Hydrolyse Whey Protein Isolate. It is often described as having no feeling in the stomach due to its quick absorption so if you are one to eat straight after your training but need your protein absorbed then really this sounds like what you need! It is also great for dairy sensitivity. After only 15 minutes up to 70% of the hyper hydrolysed, is hydrolysed so you basically have instant digested whey fractions. Often hydrolysed are not flavoured, gross is taste and hydrolysed rates as low as 3% (they range from 3-15%) the Bulk Nutrients product though has enzymes added for the rapid absorption, its flavoured and used premium New Zealand Grass Fed Whey for its product and flavouring for an even enjoyable taste.
  • Naturals range In the Whey Protein Isolate and the Whey Protein Concentrate now comes the naturals range! This is the premium natural NZ and Australia whey protein isolate/concentrate we love but with natural flavours and natural sweetener of stevia! I would suggest the banana, it’s amazing!


Revised Products:

  • Pea Protein Now sourcing their peas from Canada as Yellow Canadian peas, this sees an alteration in the flavour and texture of their pea protein. While for some pea protein is unpalatable to drink, for others it’s a requirement due to their diet of non-dairy preference. Personally I enjoy the flavour, something different and a delicious thickness to drink. I enjoy the new change and occasionally which my protein drink to this.

In the making:

  • AM/PM burner – Bulk Nutrients have mentioned the new AM/PM burner combo that they will be releasing in the coming months. From what I have read through social media the name suggests what it is designed for; weight loss, and trials have gone out to a number of applicants. Hopefully we will see this on the website in the near future, and while I personally don’t feel the use for it, in an ever growing health conscious population and growing waste lines, I do see this as being a popular product if it delivers.
  • NO3X – the current product of NO3X that is being sold by Bulk Nutrients, and many other provider’s also stock similar products with the ingredient AMP Citrate, which is up for potential ban after the banning in the US will mean that the NO3X pre-workout will need to be altered, or canned to meet these requirement. All news that can be read however shows no actual ban date set while ASADA has banned all drug tested athletes from using the substance a ban for other use is not yet in place, and so no information can be provided as to when we should all by ample amounts of this product so we have a few years supply in our backyard.. It will be interesting to see what amazing product they can come up with though to take over from the existing NO3X which everyone raves about.
  • Protein bars – I wish. I love reading the Q/A and the suggestions people write into Bulk, but so far they are still flowing in as suggestions and we haven’t seen any word on when we can start buying out favorite protein in bars as well. So along with this, peanut butter protein and protein oats I will continue to wait for a product release and be the first customer to by when it’s there.

 Other changes

  • Bags – With Natural Protein and Earth Protein available these do take something of a ‘earthy/natural/eco’ approach so it makes sense to market these with the packaging they use, in brown labelled bags they have followed suit with many of the other brands in the similar markets which looks pleasant and appealing to the eye! Also changed was the bags on some on the proteins they became a bit smaller, not in product but more in bulkiness for they are better suited for your cupboard, and apparently stronger…although I never had an issue in the first place!

It’s any ones guess what will be the newest line or product coming out of the Bulk Nutrients endless box if ideas !





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