Raw Kiwi and Coconut Cake

If you are local to Hobart, or Tasmania and feel like a lovely drive, the visiting the LolaEspresso Cafe would be a top idea, located at Franklin Wharf I have mentioned these guys before and the treat below is just one item they have in their window today! Not to mention they stock a huge range of items from vegan, paleo, gluten free, raw, nut and dairy free, high in protein and more.


I am super excited to see how this one goes, I think it will be popular and a tasty refreshing treat!Raw Kiwi and Coconut CakeKiwi and coconut cream pie
Makes 1 mini cake

For the base
5g freeze dried raspberries *
30g (1/4c) almond meal
10g (1/8c) oat meal
2tsp coconut nectar, rice malt or honey
1tsp tahini
2tsp coconut oil melted

50g soaked cashews
1/2tsp vanilla essence
2tbsp melted coconut oil
4tbsp coconut cream (thick component)
Dash lemon juice
2tsp coconut nectar, agave, rice malt or honey
1tsp coconut sugar
2tbsp freeze dried kiwi fruit**

1. Line a mini cake tin.
2. Combine your base ingredients in a bowl and then press into the tin. Set aside.
3. Add your fillings into a mini processor and blend until well combined, this may take a while to ensure the cashews are smooth. Pour over your base and place in the fridge to set.

* you can use actual raspberries just add more almond meal or oat meal of a bit dry
** you can use 1 fresh kiwi poured and pushed through a sieve so get it smooth.


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