All things pancakes!

The Protein Bread Co. have provided me with their Protein pancake mix, and can you believe that over two boxes, I have made ALL of these!

IMG_5542Β  IMG_5684 IMG_5686 IMG_5718(1) IMG_5722 IMG_5735 IMG_5771 IMG_6027 IMG_6377 IMG_6407 IMG_6481 IMG_5161

Each box comes at a epic low cost of $13, free shipping AND makes 33 pancakes.

I don’t always stick to the rules of the recipe provided though, I have made mine as per the directions, with additions, as well as with just water, just milk, add an egg, chocolate, multiple different stuffing’s and toppings as well as not as pancakes at all! The versatility of the product leaves your imagination to go wild.

Soon I will even have a chance to try out the other products at hand including the protein bread mix itself and the date loaf (yum!) Which I cannot wait for. I will also get creative with these and I have a few ideas up my sleeve already.

But why not try some of my recipes, or just the traditional for yourself?

You can get started by jumping on their website:

and making an order and using my discount code: NICOLEFRAIN for an addition 10% off an already awesome price.

But what else makes them as good as I say they are besides their versatility?

Well I think their flavour is pretty awesome with some cinnamon spice, and vanilla hints. But it is also super easy to whip up in a giffy as full of good ingredients like protein, lupin flour, almond meal, rice protein and flax they are packed with over 10g of protein a serve, less then 2g of carb per serve and 5g of fat! Ideal for anyone being ‘careful’ but wants that tasty treat! They are complimented by a range of toppings including fruits, sauces and spreads to suit your preference. Not to mention there is enough to feed a houseful with the generous serving pack that the online store has to offer.

What would you do with your pack?


Pancake Jam Doughnuts
Makes; about 12

7 made Protein Bread Co. (About 10cm diameter)
1/3c nuts’n’more White chocolate protein spread of alternative nut spread
12 whole raspberries or mixed berries
2-3tbsp maple

If to wet; LSA meal or almond meal
If to dry; splash of water

In a blender combine your pancakes broken up and your nut spread and blend until broken and crumby.
Scoop out 1tbsp of mix and flatten in your palm. Place a berry inside, form the mix around and roll into a ball. Be gentle though.
Continue with remaining mix.
Could roll through coconut, coconut sugar or cocoa

IMG_5542Peanut Butter chocolate slice
Makes 4-6 slices

The base
3tbsp Protein Bread Co pancake mix
2tbsp PB2 powder mix
1tsp Heilala vanilla
2tbsp natural peanutbutter
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
Pinch cinnamon
1/2tbsp Coconut Magic coconut oil
1tbsp milk of choice (I used almond milk)

Chocolate fudge top
2tbsp Pure Harvest COCO2 chocolate almond spread (or alternative chocolate spread)
1tbsp pure harvest rice malt (or honey/maple)
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
1tbsp coconut oil melted

Topped with:
Crio Bru Crio nibs
Halved and chopped peanuts πŸ™‚


1. Line a mini loaf of square tin. In a bowl combine your base ingredients well and press into your base. Set aside.
2. To make your chocolate top combine your ingredients in a bowl, heat up if it will help bring it together and pour over your base.
3. Sprinkle your toppings over and place in the fridge to set for at least an hour before slicing. Store anything not consumed in the fridge πŸ™‚

IMG_5771Cookies and Cream Pancakes
The Protein Bread Co Pancakes – made as directed

6tbsp Greek yogurt
1tbsp mashed berries
1tbsp Crio Bru cacao ivory roast
Combine 3tbsp of yogurt with your Crio Bru. Combine the remaining yogurt with the mashed berries.

To assemble
Melted organic dark chocolate thinned with some coconut oil
Crio Bru cacao nibs
Place a pancake down first and spread some berry yogurt, add your pancake and layer with your cacao yogurt. Repeat to the top.
Set your bites on the size and drizzle your melted chocolate and top with your cacao nibs

IMG_6486Chocolate and raspberry stuffed crepes
Makes 3 big crepes

1c protein bread co pancake mix
1 egg
1/2c milk
1/2c water
1tsp vanilla bean paste
Plus; 2tsp du chocolat or cocoa powder

1/2c raspberries thawed
2-3tbsp Chocolate spread (I use pure harvest COCO2 chocolate almond)

Coconut flakes
Cacao nibs
No added sugar maple
1/4c raspberries stewed
1tsp vanilla bean paste or essence

1. Combine your pancake mix ingredients (except du chocolat) and whisk well. Set aside and heat a pan with some coconut oil melted.
2. Spoon a third of the pancake mix into the pan and move around into a tin large pancake. Once the top starts to bubble and they hold flip over and cook for another few minutes. Remove and set aside. Continue with other pancakes.
3. While they cook combine your 1/4c raspberries and vanilla into a bowl and heat (I just placed in get microwave for 30sec)
4. For the last pancake I poured into the pan and sprinkled du chocolat over the top. flip over.
5. To assemble spread your chocolate press first then top with berries. Fold over like a wrap. Assemble side by side. Pour over your heated berries, sprinkle cacao nibs, coconut shreds and drizzle with maple.

Vanilla Pancakes
Apple Crumble Pancakes
Banana Boat Pancakes


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