Sesame Go Bananas Snaps – The Harvest Box

sesame honey snaps 2
I have only just begun playing around with my recent goodies pack thanks to the Harvest Box who provided me with a huge array of goodies to get creative with.
Not only am I able to get creative with these items, but they are sending me more as an upcoming contributor to another mega giveaway I am hoping to include on my CleanTreats Facebook and Instagram Account as big as the previous one! So you knwo what that means? Make sure your following me to see the details and your chance to WIN!

The Harvest Box have a huge combination of goodies, available direct from their website, in packs, or straight from your supermarket individually. They are great healthy ‘trail’ like mixes with combinations with and without nuts, yogurt balls, dried fruits, super foods, grains, seeds and dark chocolate. As well as ‘Healthy Bombs’ that are bite sized goodies of deliciousness that include fruits and a few nuts, cold pressed and coated in coconut they are the ultimate sugar suppressant. All of these come in serving size pouches so the additional bonus is take one bag and you wont over eat which is so often the case when you open an entire bag of nuts!

Now I haven’t tried all these items just yet, some I am really looking forward to include the ‘Strawberry Milkshake’ combination, the powder mix I envision into a tasty dinner creation and ‘Yo Cherry’ will be excited to experiment with as well!

This morning though I wasted no item at all getting onto the ‘Go Bananas’ Mix and workign them into a childhood favorite of mine: Sesame snaps! These are ideal for a school lunch with no nuts included! They are super quick and easy, all you need is a bowl: spoon, baking paper, rolling pin (or wine bottle) and an oven!

sesame honey snaps 3Makes: about 15-20
1x45g harvest box go bananas pack (or seed mix or additional sesame seeds)
1 1/2tbsp honey or rice malt (or a blend)snack
1/2 tbsp coconut magic coconut oil melted
1/2c white sesame seeds
1tsp coconut sugar (can omit)
Topping; Crio Bru cacao nibs (optional)


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