The Confetti Ball – SPEAK UP Stay ChatTY!

IMG_6044One the weekend, I was lucky enough to attend the SPEAK UP Stay ChatTY! Fundraiser Ball The Speak UP Stay ChatTY Organisation is a registered non-for profit Organization that works to help prevent suicide by spreading the message that nothing is so bad that you can’t talk about it.
The Organisation has been built and growing since 2013 when organiser Mitch McPherson brother took his own life. Since then the message is all about not being alone, working through your feelings, emotions and knowing that nothing is bad enough that we cant talk about it. There will always be someone that can help listen, has been there or can help you in some way.
The SPEAK UP Stay ChatTY team works by talking with groups, fundraising, talks, attending workplaces and social events. The team talk directly about Mitch’s own experience as well as how the results of suicide, depression and mental illness can influence others lives including those around them.
The Charity group is always looking for new volunteers with an array of ways to get involved whatever your ability.

IMG_6043My work place; Bulk Nutrients, was one of the sponsors of this great cause and it was through this that I was able to attend, although now I am aware of it, should I not be so lucky next year I will still endevour to go. The night results in about 500 people frocked up to enjoy a thoughtful cause. The night included being wined, dined and of course some fantastic music entertainment as well as a fundraiser action and speeches from special guests including Mitch himself and representatives such as Matt O’Kien of Triple J radio.
The fundraiser auction had very generous gifts including BAli holidays, special chef cooks, weekend getaways, thermomix, prime box seats to grand finals and signed memorabilia some items went as high as $6,000!

It was from this experience that I realised some of those that have been touched by such events. Some people that I was not aware of that came out to say. While I know ‘of’ those that know those directly that this has effected I am lucky enough to say I haven’t. And while my life is not perfect by any means, we all have our ups and downs. What is hard for another may not be hard for you, but it’s important to be able to relate and understand that simply telling someone ‘don’t think like that’ is not the solution to way they feel nor will it change anything.

IMG_6039As the night continued we has a good dance, but I am happy to say I was home before midnight. With a tub of peanut butter in my hand, I test tasted my Snickerdoodle cookies and I was happy πŸ™‚


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