Pizza and Cinnamon Scrolls

For some reason this weekend I have this overwhelming urge to make scrolls. They were a favorite of my child room and mum often made a double batch of pizza ones as one batch would get eaten before the second was finished cooking, we just loved them! They were so perfect and doughy but homemade meant that there was goodness in them too even if they were pizza! This habit of eating one batch straight out of the oven while they were hot was fairly standard in our household from chocolate cake to homemade bread mum always made two of everything.

First I wanted to make cinnamon sugar then I thought of pizza ones, but I was making pizza for dinner, then I found Vegemite in the fridge, and mozzarella left over from making the pizzas, perfect!

pizza 3Pizzas

The standard and classic a simple combination of tomatoes paste on your pizza base top with (and in this order:):
Mozerella cheese grated
shaved ham
pineapple pieces
additional mozzarella

Chicken BBQ style
As above but for the sauce:
combine your tomato paste with some Worcestershire sauce, HP sauce and some thick ketchup manis or soy sauce. spread over your pizza base.
For your chicken: cut into strips and coat in ‘kentucky style’ seasoning, and dip into an egg wash then into bread crumbs. Pan fry until cooked through and golden.
Veggies: Sliced capsicum, mushrooms and onion.
to assemble:
pizza base, sauce, cheese, veggies, chicken and more cheese.

Bake for 25 minutes until golden and melted on top in a moderate oven.

I actually made my pizzas earlier in the day toppings and all and cling wrapped ready to put straight in the oven when I got home. This a is perfect idea if you have a planned day out at the kids sports. You can even make them mini pizzas and freeze them. Simply thaw out or defrost in the microwave before cooking in the oven as above!

pizza 2Scrolls

What’s a better what to follow your pizza? with Delicious scrolls! Straight out of the oven they are hot and sticky for the cinnamon sugar scrolls with a vanilla sugar glaze and the Vegemite and cheese are another savory option to follow. Once cold they are perfect to enjoy and perfect into the kids lunch boxes or your own home packed lunch for work!

Scrolls 3Again unsure of which flavour I went I chose two, simply split the base dough in two.

Base Dough
2 1/2c plain white flour
1/4c sugar (I used a mix of brown and caster)
1 packet of dry yeast
45g butter
good pinch of salt
1 whole egg
1/2c water
1/4c milk (I used skim)

1. Set 1/2c of your flour aside. Sift the remaining into a bowl. Add the yeast, the salt and sugar and whisk in to evenly distribute.
2. Heat your liquids together until hot to touch but not boiling.
3. Make a well int he middle and crack in your egg and whisk to scramble it and begin to combine. Add your milk mix and work the flour in, I find this best to use the cutting action with the knife and working from the outside OR you can use the dough attachment from the Kenwood Chef Sense
4. Once combined this should be a dough not to wet so if you need to add some of your reserved flour this is now! Once combined remove from bowl onto a floured surface and kneed to work together for 4-5minutes. return to a floured bowl and cover and leave in a warm dry area for 20minutes to allow to rise.
5. After twenty minutes break your dough in half and roll out to a rectangle shape about 35cm by 15cm.
6. Now choose your filling!

Cinnamon Sugar Scrolls
1tbsp cinnamon
2tbsp sugar (I used brown)
softened butter
handful of raisins or sultanas
Combine your cinnamon and sugar together. Or buy a pre-made mix like the Masala Chai sugar one from Gewurzhaus.

For the glaze
1/2c icing sugar to 1-2tbsp milk or instant coffee for a coffee flavour icing. With a dash of vanilla essence and pinch of salt to cut the sweetness. If you want a thicker sauce add less liquid or more mixing sugar to thicken back up.

Vegemite and Cheese scrolls

2-3tbsp Vegemite (depends how much you love it!)
softened butter
1/2c shredded cheese

Scrolls 1

1. Spread out your butter first, the sprinkle your sugar mix or spread your Vegemite over top. Sprinkle your sultanas or your cheese for the Vegemite.
2. Roll along the long edge and using even pressure roll up into a log. Using a sharp knife cut in even size, I think I cut about 10-12 each.
3. Place into a lined cake of baking tin next to each other and cover with a cloth and place into a warm dry area for 1hr to rise. I preheated an oven and then turned it off for this effect. Once this time has passed they should have risen. Turn your oven on and bake for 25minutes until golden and amazing.
4. Once cooked drizzle your cinnamon ones with the glaze mix and allow to cool slightly before moving from your tray.

Bakers note: You don’t want to mix your cinnamon and Vegemite flavors! If you don’t have a small enough tray like me I lines my tray twice but one half of the top sheet I left up to form a ‘barrier/wall’ between the two. this allowed for the snug fir for cooking without the flavour mix.

Other flavour ideas
banana, nutmeg and pecans
apple and cinnamon sugar with walnuts (stew your apple first)
Peanut butter and raspberries (PB&Jelly!)
Pizza (Hawaiian is awesome in these or just plain ham and cheese)

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