Pancakes, Pancakes Pancakes – The Protin Bread Co.

Growing up, pancakes were a treat. It was a Sunday morning or even a late lunch, maybe a sleep over with friends that led to us getting pancakes. Mum would slave away in the kitchen cooking them up to order while we doused them in sugars, butter, lemon juice and all sorts of wonderful sauces. It became a bit of a competition who would eat the most!

Purchase online:  10% off your order with Affiliate code: NICOLEFRAIN

Purchase online:
10% off your order with Affiliate code: NICOLEFRAIN

Now, my love for pancakes still continues but I now try to put the best into my body and that means my treat meals too. While some people argue that nothing is as good as the naughty version. I do beg to differ! I read an interesting article this morning (I wish I could reference it but I cant remember!) That did explain that when you eat healthy, you reduce the amount of ‘bad gut bacteria’ that to continue in your system need to be fed the ‘bad foods’ as well. If you aren’t feeding them they will not hang around and be as prominent therefore long term healthy eating will reduce these and therefore reduce your cravings for the naughty treats.

Now I love pancakes with most toppings, chocoalte sauce (home made), pure maple, and natural peanut butters, banana and pecans are among some of my top suggestions. With toppings like thee I think a simple vanilla or lightly spiced pancake mix is the way to go. While a chocolate lover may love a chocolate pancake, chocoalte sauce, etc for me it’s a little to much.

So when I came across the Protein Bread Co some time a go I had to get in touch to try them myself. The first area that drew my attention was the word ‘Protein’ knowing the higher inclusion of protein to me indicated ‘healthy’ so I checked out the ingredients which delivered. With the inclusion of Whey protein, flax meal, baking powder, salt and vanilla these pancakes are gluten free and minimal ingredients. Per 100g they come out at a whooping 50g of protein! That’s awesome inclusion rates!

Purchase online:  10% off your order with Affiliate code: NICOLEFRAIN

Purchase online:
10% off your order with Affiliate code: NICOLEFRAIN

I cooked these up for Pancake Sunday on the weekend to test them out. Me being me, I did fail to read the packaging before I planned this and realised I lacked some of the essential ingredients to whip these treaties up. BUT that’s okay, experience in pancakes has shown me that they are quiet versatile and I simply worked with what I had. 🙂

I was cooking for a hungry crowd for I measured out 7tbsp of the mix and added 2 whole eggs, 1tsp vanilla bean paste and 1/3c of milk. The changes? I used the extra egg, probably more powder and milk over ricotta. And you know what? They tasted, and cooked perfect!

I heated my pan, melted some coconut oil and cooked them as you would normal pancakes. This amount of mix made us a stack of 5 all were about 15cm diameter and lovely and thick! They puffed up as they cooked and they were ready to flip when their bubbles popped and the smell that came out was the subtle hint of the cinnamon. (tummy grumbled) In the past the inclusion of flax, linseed and others has left me wary as they can produce a grainy texture which for a pancake I just done enjoy.

This stack was topped with a homemade Du Chocolat  and COCO2 Chocolate Hazelnut Spread chocolate sauce some flaked coconut and maple syrup. Unfortunately my housemate doesn’t love peanut butter like I do and wouldn’t allow me to drown them in this! I saved that for my own!

Overall I was very impressed with the product that I tried from The Protein Bread Co and even better? There packs now come in a very appealing packet that ensures they stay intact int he post, look good even on your bench for display and make a massive 42 pancakes (11 suggested serves) from the 490g powder mix in a pack for only $13! The Protein Co. revised their pricing recently and this actually reduced from the $19 to the online price of $13 so basically an investment.

It’s not just that, the new online purchasing option means that more locations can be reached AND it’s free shipping (yes I know WOW!) . So with free shipping and my Affiliate code that you can use at checkout: NICOLEFRAIN this means you also receive 10% off your order.

You can stock your cart with not only the pancakes but they also provide protein enriched bread at $12 for a one pack loaf prefect to test out before a big outlay and what I can’t wait to try; Date and Walnut Loaf! (yum!)

But first I think I have my Pancake Sundays catered for! So make sure you try for yourself, and let me know your thoughts!


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