Whey Hot and Funch Foods slice

Whey hot and Funch foodsI believe I made mention of many of Bulk Nutrients new products and up coming products on my recent blog post here. and included in this was the new Whey Hot: Hot Chocolate which is a combination of WPC, slow release protein Calcium Casinate and delicious chocolate for the perfect guilt free night time hot drink cozy up by the fire with this one while putting in all things good into your body and taking care of your sweet tooth as well as filling yourself up thanks to the protein inclusion.

So I made this up over the weekend, and while I assisted in the development of this with my role as a product developer with Bulk Nutrients, it even surprises me with its deliciousness and tasty treat feel! I paired it with some of my Funch Food Coconut Choc chip Chia Slice. This slice has versatility too. I made this into a breakfast granola too. With a little over baking, crumbling, it came out perfect!

Funch muesli 3

But this is also a great treat for breakfast, put into your thermo flask and take it away with you as you run out the door!


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