Foods – I love

My previous post the other week explained what I just don’t love. So to follow on, it would also make perfect sense that I discuss what I do LOVE!
I try so many foods and some stand out as amazing, ten there are the good old favorites:

peanut butter
1. Peanut butter – not the horrible ‘nasty’ stuff. I mean the delicious natural one. The one that you need to give a little stir before you eat because the natural oils sit on top. Some of my favourite brands include the NewZealand company Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter the crunchy lightly salted one and a local brand ‘Olde Spikeys’ which is roasted crunch salted peanut butter. I love peanut butter and chocolate, peanut butter with cinnamon and maple is amazing, on banana slices, on pancakes and even just on its own. Crunchy peanut butter is my favourite getting the peanut pieces stuck in my teeth. So it goes without saying that satay is also on this list. One of my all-time favourite desserts includes peanut butter; Peanut butter cheesecake which is a huge hit among those that try it as well as my Raw CleanTreats Snickers cake. Snicker and picnics are also my favorite chocolate bar, thanks to the peanut inclusion. But it’s funny, I don’t love peanut on their own…

perfect pastry
2. Pastry – I’m talking flaky, crispy pasty, Bite into it and you hear it crunch. Nice and golden on the outside. I am more of a savoury pastry lover, around sausage rolls, pies etc. rather than a creamed horn pasty from the bakery but still puffy crispy filly is delicious.
3. Toast – simply I know, but as a child I would no doubt devour a loaf at breakfasts some mornings. It as to be hot though and I would go back multiple times to re-cook more rather the cook up all four at once. Nice and hot, melted butter, topped with peanut butter all melted or promite and I has a winner.

Funch muesli 2
4. Toasted muesli – Again with the crunch… noticing a pattern it must be a texture thing. I love homemade toasted muesli though so I can include whatever I want. Sweetened with some honey and toasted until golden with some butter and cinnamon. Some of my favourite combinations are any form of nuts, oats, dates and cranberries. Delicious. Just served in a bowl with some milk, maybe some yogurt and banana slices and you have a winner!
glazed salmon
5. Salmon – smoked, hot smoked, cured, pan fried or baked it’s amazing. I have made in the past some delicious oven baked teriyaki salmon and my old house mate introduced me to oven baked with a slice of orange, soy sauce, ginger, garlic and sesame oil a whole fillet for just 12minutes is perfect! I like mine a little pink and the natural oils in this make it super creamy and amazing. I even like cooked salmon cold the following day. Crispy skin if done right is to die for but also must be salted!

sticky BBQ pork ribs
6. BBQ ribs I did first try these a few years ago at MeatBalls in Melbourne when we were unable to get into Chin Chins Thai just next door (terrible I know) so I went by the waitress instructions to try their special. And I fell in love. Since then I make my own slow cooked BBQ sticky pork ribs which everyone LOVES when they I make them I promise you want a rack to yourself they are sticky, sweet meaty goodness, mopped up with some simply white rice and a crunchy coleslaw.
7. Sesame oil – A simple Asian sauce that in my opinion just lifts a dish completely. When paired with garlic and ginger and even some soy if you want I just love it. But then I would also put ‘Asian’ in general if I wasn’t trying to be too specific.
8. Banana – I love this added to oats, on top of my pancakes, banana cream pie, banana bread, banana and chocolate smoothie, nut butter spread on top, batters and friend banana mmmm basically it’s all delicious! While not a fan of the lollies and artificial banana though I will always have some of this frozen in case I want to bake something delicious with some!

9. Satay – This one comes from my love of Peanut butter. And I can include satay on everything a delicious satay sauce in a burger, a homemade satay pasta sauce with coconut milk, palm sugar, red Thai chilli paste, garlic and ginger then fettuccini and chicken is delicious. A crispy roti bread which is like a Thai pastry bread and a satay dipping sauce or rice paper rolls (some of the best from my local farmer’s market Garden of Vegan) and I am a happy girl.

10. Pie along with peanut butter this one comes from my love of pasty as it includes pastry with a delicious filling, My favourite pie will be creamy based, chicken and sweet corn, chicken and leek, chicken curry etc. are all favourites. I will typically save the pasty till last but there is nothing better than a pie on a winter’s day that’s for sure!
11. Chilli Lime herb roasted cashews – I get these from my local ‘Campbell town Red Bridge Café’ every time I travel from North to South./ I love them They are my go to treat and If I buy them they are eaten once open they don’t sit around for long. They have a delicious roasted and savoury taste and I much prefer these over any chocolate coated or honey roasted, although I had some amazing cacao dusted roasted cashews in Bali!! I am not huge on Chilli either and so these are just enough, while I don’t mind the taste and I can certainly tolerate it, even a little makes me sweat, even without the big kick of spice, it’s strange but these are to die for. Another company I have found (and this is dangerous as they are near where I work) I discovered them at Agfest this year, is Nutsnmore, local to Huonville. I will certainly be venturing down there soon to stock up!

12. Churros – I am not a lover of doughnuts, but I do love churros, fried batter with cinnamon sugar how can you go wrong. They are often served immediately from cooking and hot, crispy and puffy. Doughnuts can be serves cold, reheated, too much on top of inside. You can dip these in sauces or enjoy on their own. They were everywhere in America so I loved it and in Mexico. Ah yum!

13. Calamari – crispy, tended calamari. I think my parents make the best! I don’t want dirty fried. My parents soak theirs in milk and kiwi fruit overnight and the enzyme works to break it down its amazing. Mum makes a soy sauce sweet sauce to pour over once cooked and they are gooey and tasty! You need to make sure you scour them the right way to so they curl up perfect. I am a huge seafood lover and I am spoilt by dad always having a freezer stocked for us thanks to his many fishing trips!
So I could likely go on for ever about food that I love, being a foody it’s hard not to have a million things you enjoy. I would also include pancakes, maple, pecans, flake, pasta, carbonara, dumplings, peaking duck pancakes and crackle the list goes on.

What are your must have foods?

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