Weekend Scramble

Weekend scramble 2A weekend scramble is a delicious way to use up your leftover vegetables for the week for a new fresh and healthy week ahead. I am very big on not waste of foods and I eat almost the whole parts of vegetables from the broccoli stalk, carrot skins and cauliflower stem, no bit goes unwanted if it can be eaten in my opinion! It;s not all bad, some people don’t like to eat those parts and I cant force anyone too as its up to them but I happily take them off their hands and this saves me some $$ as well! (winning)

So some concept that come into play here is that if I have been baking an only need the egg yolks, I save the egg whites for a meal like this (not all week generally I eat them in the same day!). Broccoli and cauliflower stems are finely sliced and all other veggies including the leftovers of a bag of lettuce go into my scramble mess. Not only does this stop waste but now the fridge is even cleaned out so I can give each shelve a fresh wipe down before I fill it back up. It also creates organization as you can view what you do and don’t have in your fridge as well as throw out anything that is well past the use by (sauces).

So what do I include? I do have a fairly standard ‘mess’ something along the following are typical leftovers:

peas and corn
cherry tomatoes
spinach or lettuce
onion and/or leek
red capsicum
broccoli stalk
salt and pepper
a coupe of eggs or egg whites
sesame oil, garlic and ginger
cinnamon, paprika, cumin and coriander
others: Brussel sprouts, asparagus, beans, grated carrot, mushroom etc. there really aren’t guidelines!

In a pan I saute any onion ingredients first with my garlic and ginger before adding the firmest ingredients first such as asparagus, capsicum, broccoli stalks etc.
After a few moments I add in the rest except peas, corn, eggs and salt.
Once the rest is cooked I then add in the peas and corn with my egg and stir through till the egg is cooked and scrambled! Now add your salt.
Salt – this will bring out the liquid in our egg and cause it to to be more ‘watery’ not uneatable’ but this is best added last!

Enjoy this with a delicious tea like Higher Living Green tea and Chai or my favorite Cacao and chilli!



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