Foodie – what’s not to love

Okay, I’m a foodie. We ALL know that by now. But that does not mean I like, or Love everything! It generally does mean I will give things a go. I will even try something again, just to give it another shot. Sometimes taste buds might change, or maybe the first time you tried it it was just prepared really badly, but I guess you wouldn’t really know! So here are some of the foods I just don’t really care for. I can actually eat them all but preference not too… looking at this I don’t think I’m very Australia either….img_1090-cheesymite-scrolls

  1. Silverside, or corned beef – I went to one of my first boyfriends houses when I was growing up and this is what was served to me. I couldn’t believe my luck it’s probably one of the only dinners I would rather eat 2 minute noodles over. I’m not sure what it is, maybe the saltiness? I don’t even love it when I drown it in white sauce! But I did eat it anyway. It’s polite to do so isn’t it? But it will never be a meal I endeavour to learn to cook or order for that matter.
  2. Vegemite – I am more of a promite girl. Growing up for breakfast I would be torn between having peanut butter or promite on my toast. So my breakfast would result in a slice of one each before I worked out which one I would feel like going back for seconds. Toast with melted butter and a thin layer of promite was my ideal morning. Vegemite on the other hand, I love this in a vegemite and cheese pizza scroll, served hot.
  3. Olives – I tried these as a child, and I know that they all taste different, and maybe the ones my parents bought weren’t quiet for me. I know my sister prefers the black ones and some people love the stuffed ones. But I tried these again a few Christmas’s a go as I thought it’s been about ten years since I gave these ago, perhaps my taste buds have changes. Nope, I spat that sucker out pretty quickly! Not really my thing. However I was surprised when I was at a wedding recently and they had amazing walnut bread and when I went back for my second piece discovered there was also olive bread there too! They were black olives and I didn’t mind it at all. So I think that as an inclusion, maybe in pasta and pesto, I can probably bare this!
  4. Lamb chops or chicken wings – I think it’s the fiddliness of these that turns me off. I am not a huge one for ripping my teeth into a lamb chop especially off the BBQ where they are often overdone. Then there are chicken drumsticks that always have that soggy bit of fat on the end, what is that? I don’t mind chicken wings when they are extra crisp on the outside. And I sure as hell love lamb shanks, ribs, duck and quail. Maybe growing up I was spoilt with too many BBQ to appreciate a BBQ lamb chop, or I just need them to be bigger?
  5. Meat pies – Okay I can eat these, but commonly you douse these in tomato sauce, and you will notice that my next point is also that so maybe this is where I lack? If it came to these at a party I will get all the sausage rolls before a meat pie and if I do get one I have a routine: take the top off, eat the inside, and enjoy the pastry last. How good is pastry!? I love curry chicken pie, chicken and corn, chicken and leek etc. are all delicious but you normal Australian meat pie just doesn’t get me excited. Sorry.
  6. Tomato sauce – like vegemite vs promite, I’m the opposite. I’m more of a BBQ lover. But I have been told that a combination of BBQ and tomato is delicious, so I may need to try this. I do enjoy tomatoes, and I love relish but I would rather eat my chips on their own then with tomato sauce. My house mate however loves tomato sauce so much that he has had to cut back from his 2L a week. On his eggs, mashed potato, chicken parma and everything in between… I can’t really get my head around it, but this is why we are all different!
  7. Salt and vinegar chips – I am a plain Jane in this area and simple original will satisfy me here, and that’s a good thing an lot of people love salt and vinegar so this tends to leave more of these for me. I also enjoy Doritos and honey soy but overall it’s still not high on my list to consume potato chips anyway so this often isn’t a concern.
  8. Sausages – No it isn’t because growing up we were told they are ‘pig intestines’ for the casing. To be honest I couldn’t care less. I just don’t care for them. Maybe gourmet ones are more interesting, like the inclusion of pork, sundried tomatoes, feta etc is a fun idea but the standard BBQ sausages, maybe like the lamb chops I just don’t care! When I did eat these as a child, it would be smothered in satay sauce. So much satay sauce.
  9. Pizza – What isn’t there to love about Pizza? It is a dough base (which I love) with any topping you like (which I love to get creative). My ideal would simply by a BBQ chicken or a Greek lamb pizza or a smoked salmon. But all of these don’t include the tomato paste, which I think again is my shortfall. I just don’t get excited over it and I would go Asian of any sort for my takeaway dinner and everyone else is free to enjoy the pizza breads at entre, I will await my main.
  10. Whole egg mayo – My boiled potatoes are better enjoyed without the addition of mayo, my parents love it but for some unknown reason I just don’t care for it. Sour cream, butter, cheese etc. all sound like better toppings for me and my sandwich will be sauce free before I add mayo in. I love creamy goodness, garlic aioli though, not that’s amazing!

indexNow as I mentioned I cannot explain my reasoning for not loving a lot of the common foods we grew up with. Maybe it’s just because I always had it that I don’t care for it? But a lot of them I don’t ‘hate’ I just choose to avoid. And with that I also don’t pass judgement on others for eating it and they are welcome to enjoy all food in front of me, just don’t try to make me eat it as I promise if I haven’t I will give it a go, but if I have why put myself through it again? I don’t like to say I don’t like something without giving it a go so I can say I have tried crocodile, wallaby, kangaroo and frogs legs, hot chilli, tofu, eggplant and baby octopus. It pays to be adventurous and try new things you don’t know what you might discover to be a new favourite. If I went by the fact that I typically hate meat on bones, I would never have enjoys baby back pork ribs two years ago and discovered it is by far my no.1 meal to indulge in.


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