Spiced Chai Pancakes

Spiced chai pancakes 9Spiced Chai pancakes
Serves: 2


1tbsp muma raw core love
2tbsp coconut flour
2tbsp almond meal
2tbsp whole meal SR flour
1tsp baking powder
1scoop chai protein
1tsp coconut sugar
25g Angas Park Soft and Juicy cranberries
25g Sunbeam Foods sultanas
1 egg
1c milk of choice I used almond breezes honey almond milk

1x WB Kitchen chocolate chip honey nut bar
Chocolate sauce: 2x squares organic dark chocolate with 2tbsp milk and 1tbsp du chocolate powder
Sprinkle of 247life strawberry, raspberry and blueberry blend

Coconut oil to cook


1. Add all your dry ingredients into your bowl
2. Crack your egg in and your 1c milk and whisk together well.
3. Heat your pan to a medium to high heat. Melt some butter in your pan and spoon a label in. Cook until the top is set and and the bottom golden then flip. Cook until golden on the other side and serve to your plate.
4. Stack up your pancakes and add your toppings all over and between the layers with your chocolate sauce drizzled over

Spiced chai pancakes 5


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