Cookies and Cream Quest Cake

Quest Cookies and Cream Cake 2

Cookies and Cream Quest Cake
Makes 1 mini cake


1tbsp Raw honey
1tbsp almond breezes chocolate almond milk
1tbsp Coconut Magic coconut oil melted
1scoop (30g) quest chocolate protein powder
2tbsp almond meal
2tbsp Crio Bri Ivory roast cacao beans

100g Cashews
2/3 cookie and cream quest bar chopped
2tbsp Coconut Magic Coconut oil melted
1tbsp Maple
1tsp vanilla bean paste


1tbsp filling mix
1tbsp strawberry quest protein
2tsp du chocolate or cocoa powder
1/3 remaining quest bar chopped
Crio Bru Cacao nibs
Melted organic chocolate

Quest Cookies and Cream Cake 4

1. Line a mini cake tin.
2. Stir all your base ingredients together and press into your cake tin. Set aside.
3. Make your filling by placing everything but the quest bar into your food processor – like my Breville Kitchen-Wizz Pro and blend until well combined. Set aside 10g of the filling mix. Stir in your quest bar.
4. Pour over the base and level the top off.
5. Place in the fridge to set.
6. Melt your chocolate of choice and pour over the filling and allow to set.
7. To decorate combine your 10g filling mix with 1tbsp hot choccy strawberry chocolate powder and roll into different sized mini balls. Decorate with these balls, your chopped quest bar, cacao nibs and coconut πŸ™‚

Quest Cookies and Cream Cake 6


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