IMG_5161Who doesn’t LOVE pancakes! Pancake Sunday is the best day of the week!

What a perfect way to start your week, end your weekend with a sleep in and some delicious pancakes. Top with berries, banana, maple. syrups of choice, naughty; honey, ice-ream and cream the list does on.

I had a Pancake Saturday and Sunday this weekend and the following two were amazing ❀

Vanilla pancakes

Makes 6 pancakes

1c flour of choice – I use half wholemeal and half almond meal
2tbsp Coconut Magic coconut sugar
1tsp baking powder
1c milk of choice – love Almond Breezes Original
2 whole eggs lightly whisked
Dash lemon juice
1tsp Heilala Vanilla pure bean paste

Top; with coconut, almond slivers, maple or honey and raspberries

1. Sift your flours into a bowl and whisk in your other ingredients.
2. Sit for a few minutes and heat a flat pan. If to thick add a dash more water
3. Ladle in a scoop of batter into your pan with some coconut oil if required.
4. Once the top is set (couple minutes) flip and cook on the other side for about thirty seconds. Remove from pan and continue with remaining batter.
5. Serve with your toppings of choice.

IMG_5179Chocolate pancakes
Makes about 6

2/3c flour of choice (I used wholemeal)
1/3c almond meal
1/2c milk (I love almond breezes amond milk chocolate)
1/2c water (or additional milk)
1tbsp cacao powder or Du chocolate
1tsp coconut sugar (or alternative sweetener)
1 whole egg lightly whisked
1tsp Heilala Pure Vanilla bean paste

Serve; with maple or honey, with shredded coconut and raspberries

1. Sift your flour and cacao (don’t sift du chocolate) and add all your other ingredients and using a whisk combine well. Allow to sit for a few moments while you heat a pan
2. Label a serve in a cook as per normal pancakes (once set on top flip!)
3. Serve with raspberries, honey drizzle and some coconut.


Which are you? A chocolate or Vanilla lover? I will en-devour to whip up some coconut ones eventually but I have also made the following:

Bulk Nutrients Protein pancakes (a favorite, quick and easy packet mix in vanilla, cinnamon and chocolate) – read about bulk here.
Chai Spiced pancakes10994875_1618326068380978_9150723570588462073_n


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