Funch Food – muesli

Funch muesli 3
I made the Funch Coconut Choc Chia Slice this weekend while I like to think I’m a good cook sometime I do to much at once and forget about something in the oven, oops!
But all is not lost, I discovered the versatility of the Funch slice mix by my little mistake! Over baking simply drys it mix out a bit and so it crumbles upon cutting. Why would I want to throw something so delicious out? I broke up the crumbly slice and crumbled completely before spreading out flat onto a lined tray and back I into the oven. In the end total cook time came to about 20minutes until golden and delicious and with a few tosses for even colour.
The result? A delicious golden homemade crunchy granola! And I LOVE granola!
So I a couple of packs purchased in one go is a great idea for granola and for the intended slice!

Funch Foods also have a large number of other products which also come in gluten free options! Including:

Funch muesli 2


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