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It is important to take whats called ‘me time’ and so often we don’t do it for ourselves enough.

‘Me time’ is about personal time to yourself doing what you love, reflecting or doing nothing. Now I am not necessary talking about time taken out to go to the gym on your own, or walking the dogs, as these are standard me times, things that you frequently do all the time and they don’t feels special any more, no matter how much we love our fury pooches. For me I love to go to the gym, I love to cook and I often call this ‘me time’ but its only time to myself without anyone interrupting. when it comes to an actual rest and relax it really needs to be about you, slowing down the mind, the heart rate and everything else that’s bothering you.
Be selfish and take some me time.

Bambi and Sammi 1

So yesterday I did just that and took a minor ‘me time’ I sat at home after a not so great start to my hump day and I listened to the sound of the Tasmanian bad weather, I cranked up the heater and threw on my fluffy dressing gown before proceeding to jump int he shower, shampoo my hair and provide it with some serious TLC and showing it some love!
Now thanks to BambiandSammi they provided me with my TLC treatment hair care.
What I did was used my treatment as directed by running this through my damp shampoo hair and i then ran a wide tooth comb through before wrapping in a towel, back into my snug dressing gown, a throw rug and some of my CleanTreats Latte bites (recipe below) and began to watch some reruns of Sex and the City (Bliss) . I was home alone, with my feet up and uninterrupted and feeling like I was doing myself some good! That’s because what I was putting into my body were not only cleantreats with natural, raw ingredients dairy and gluten free but I was also putting products onto my body to be absorbed in that are paraben and sulfate free.

Caramel latte bites 2Now I love it when I get to pamper myself and this can range from a massage, a pedicure, doing my nails or even taking the time to do a fake tan. I actually only en-devour to properly wash my hair every fortnight, I know many people may find this gross, but over my time of constantly doing this, not only do I not have to replace my hair care very often but when I wash it it is so silky smooth that I can sometimes struggle to put it up in a hair tie!
This method of madness all came about when an injury prevented me from being able to wash my hair for this period of time for about 4 months, being blond with some minor hair breakage from bleach I decided that; why let good habits die, and chose to continue this. So it’s a good thing that come this wash I had the BambiandSammi product there to nourish my hair.

So I mentioned Paraben and Sulfate free, what are these exactly?
Parabens are inexpensive cosmetic preservatives that have been scientifically proven to disrupt the human hormonal system and have been linked to the development of several forms of breast cancer.
Sulfates aka SLS are commonly used as wetting agents, emulsifiers & foaming agents – clinical studies have proven that these guys can be very irritating to both the skin and hair because it strips both of their natural protective oils.
– quoted from the BambiandSammi website.

Bambi and Sammi 2

Bambi and Sammi – This business was founded by these two Melbourne hairdressers that wishes to rid the nasty’s from the products we put on out locks. Basically showing that mother nature is really all we need to get the best from our selves (and our hair of course!). Not only that but they are aware that what we put on our hair, not only goes into us, but it is mostly washed away as well and that water down the sink goes somewhere as well. They want to ensure that what we was down the drain wont harm the rest of us either!
So workign togetehr they came up with their products which include the NO.1 Masque as well as the No.1 hand and body cleanse
Both are proudly Australia Made, safe for you, the [planet, not tested on animals, sulfate free, paraben free, made with love, kindness, bambi and sammi!

Bambi and Sammi don’t stop just there either they even donate a portion of all their sales to the Reach Foundation which helps to support young people in getting the most out of life.

What I found upon using the No.1 Masque was that it was a smooth, fresh and thick consistency that appeared like any other very expensive and full of nasties shelf hair product, you would wonder why all those nasty’s needed adding in when this one looked just like them. It smelt better too, in my opinion. With the freshness in my hand, running it through my hair it was smooth and silky in no time. While the label says 5 minutes I was distracted with my TV show that it stayed on fair longer which I don’t think would do any harm. U[on washing it out, I hardly needed to brush my hair it was so soft! I washed my hair as normal and ran my own oil treatment through after and it feels great! The Treatment itself goes along way, out of my sample pouch I will have multiple uses and I have fairly long and rather thick hair so a little goes a long way. In handy resealable pouches they can go back into your cupboard until next use, which for me will be another fortnight away!

You can buy all these products on their website and help support a great and natural product!

Caramel latte bites 5
Caramel Latte Balls
Makes: about 20
1 1/2c coconut flour
2 scoops (60g) vanilla protein powder
1c oat meal
3/4c chopped macadamias
8 dried dates
1 1/2c milk of choice – we love almond milk
1/2c coconut cream
1tbsp Crio Bru Ivory roast
1tbsp strong brewed rebel coffee
3tbsp pure maple
Pinch salt
1tbsp crio Bru cacao nibs

1. Soak your dates in maple for min 20minutes (or use medjool and don’t require soaking)
2. Add your milk, coconut cream, maple, dates, salt, roast, coffee to a blender and blend for about 15seconds until well combined.
3. Stir in all other ingredients except the macadamias.
4. Once well combined stir in your macadamias too.
5. Spoon out a 1tbsp at a time and roll into a ball. Roll through desiccated coconut and store in the fridge.


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