Snicker Smoothie

So much deliciousness went into this Snickers Smoothie, there really aren’t many recipe ‘options’ yet that I have tried to put a snickers spin onto! From Snickers Raw Protein Balls, Snickers Raw Vegan Cake, Snickers Cupcakes, Snickers slice, Snickers Cheesecake, I think I will still need to dedicate some Snickers pancakes (as I love those so much), ice-cream, cookies and perhaps some french toast? It really is the combination of Carmel, peanut and chocolate with that bit is salt that is a delightful mouthful of an experience.

This amazing smoothie was made even better thanks to Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars which really are the best form of a bar that is ‘good for you that I have had. A cakey texture, not to big, they aren’t claiming to be anything they aren’t just real whole foods, into a bar and the Lemon ‘n’ Mac really is bursting with flavour, you can smell it as soon as you open it! As I do also love ginger and spices and everything nice as well, I did also use their traditional Ginger Nut in this Raw Clean Nutty Goodness of a Carrot Cake. As did I use FoodToNourish Gingernut Spread as well. I had a response from these guys stating how much they had forgotten of the Delicious Carrot cake combination. An oldie but a good!

Enjoy x.

Snickers Smoothie with crumble topping 6Snickers Smoothie with crumble topping
Serves 1


1/2 frozen banana
1tsp maple
1c honey almond milk
1x the original blue dinosaur bar
1tbsp peanut flour
1tbsp cottage cheese or Greek yogurt

1/2 crumbled Brazilian blue dinosaur bar
Peanut pieces
Cacao nibs

1. All your ingredients into your Kenwood XPro blender BLM800MH blend until well combined.
2. Pour into your glass and add your topping by first crumbling your Brazilian blue dinosaur bar over top with cacao nibs, crushed peanut.

Note; a thawed banana will make your smoothie thick and creamy.

Snickers Smoothie with crumble topping 2


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