Basic Chicken and Vegetbale Risotto

Sometimes it’s good to take it back to basics. The fancy stuff can get a bit much, to much effort and not enough time in our busy schedule. But while a risotto is still a time consuming dinner to cook up there are more ways then one to cook it which can speed up your process. Not only that but a simple chicken and vegetable risotto really is delicious and you can add any sort of toppings and garnishes to suit your taste buds and enhance the flavour!

Risotto Chicken and Vegetable 1Basic chicken and vegetable risotto
Serves: 6
20minutes prep
40minutes cook

4 large chicken breasts chopped
Olive Oil, coconut oil or garlic/herb butter to cook with
I brown onion chopped
1 red capsicum chopped
1 green capsicum chopped
1 Zucchini chopped
1 small broccoli heads chopped
1L chicken or vegetable stock
500g arborio rice (about two cups)
2 garlic cloves crushed
Chilli (optional) chopped
Salt and pepper

Kenwood kCook – OnePot – Directions
1. Attach the chopping blade. Peel your onion and slice, add to the kCook place down the lid and chop for ten seconds. Scrape out into another bowl and repeat with the capsicum (seeded) and zucchini (ends removed)
2. Add your veggies and Set your kCook to “one pot program” and with the processing blade select the pause/start bottom and set timer for 5minutes and replace the lid. After 5minutes it will set to ‘keep’ warm. Stop this setting by holding the pause/start button.
3. Remover your veggies and Add your rice, garlic, butter and stock to your kCook. Set to the one pot option, third (hottest cook) setting and the start button with the timer on for thirty minutes.
4. While cooking check after 20minutes to add more heated stock if needed. Meanwhile cook your diced chicken on a hot plate until cooked through with some garlic and herb butter. Chop your broccoli up.
5. After thirty minutes the kCook will switch to the keep warm setting. Remove the lid and add all your veggies. Reset the timer (by holding the pause button and resetting the 1pot option and timer to ten minutes) and cook and stir through your chicken and veggies. Season well and serve up!
6. Top with pine nuts and Parmesan cheese.

Stove Top – Traditional – Directions
1. Chop your vegetables ready to go.
2. In the large pot you will use to cook your risotto melt some of your butter (or oil) and add half your diced chicken and cook through. Remove and repeat with the other half. Set aside
2. Bring to the boil your stock and reduce to a simmer.
3. In the same pot heat more butter/oil and add your garlic and onion and cook till soft and add your vegetables and cook for about 3 minutes (again this may need to be done in batches and if using spinach of soft greens do not add).
4. Add your rice now to the pot and cook for 1-2 minutes, string to coat in the oil residing in the pot. ladle 2 serves of stock it the rice and stir continuously until absorbed. Add a ladle at a time, only adding a ladle upon the absorption of the previous. you may require more stock or you may not use it all, one the rice is cooked through cook down the liquid and add in your vegetables and season your dish well. this whole process can take about 30-40minutes.
5. serve with your garnishes of either pine nuts, Parmesan etc.

Options: add spinach, sun dried tomatoes, corn, asparagus etc πŸ™‚

Risotto Chicken and Vegetable 2Want to know more about the Kenwood kCook? You can read everything about it here on my blog review!


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