A Tan

The importance of a tan? These days is not just restricted to Summer! We want that year round glow, that healthy ‘sunkissed tan’ that makes us feel healthy, radiant and well to be honest leaner, more ‘ripped’ and a couple of dress sizes smaller.

“Hello instant weight loss”

So with my comment above in mind of feeling more ‘ripped’ this basically explains why body builder, bikini models and fitness competitors alike decide to turn their skin 50 shade of brown tan to step on stage. Not only do the intensity of stage lights dramatically whiten your skin tone and take away from your features, but a tan sculpts the muscles into their definition, showcasing those wash board abs, the glute striations and the vascularity. If you are going to put months into your diet and planning to step on stage in mint condition, you need to show off all your hard work in the top quality way as well.


That means that you need a quality tan, and ‘tanner’ (is that a word?) that needs to know what they are doing, and knows the product they are using. When your body is being stared at up on stage it will be obvious when your left hand side of your leg has had a coat missed or you have managed to sweat off your underarms. A good quality tanner knows the best products to use and how to use them!

For example this one time I had to get ready for a competition and I had a generic beauty shop tan. Sure I have 7 coats, in anyone’s normal eyes I was stupid crazy dark like I had dumped a bucket of tan over my head. But once I was on stage it showed that my tan 2wasnt enough, not compared to the other competitors and I looked washed out!

What I did to fix this, was to go to Jess Featherstone instead, from Elemental Glow Spray Tanning. Now (unlucky for me) located in WA, Jess provides Tans for all occasions including competitions! Spray tanning for comps means understanding how a tan works and that means ensuring it actually drys in between, even coats and where should be darker than others (for example above your knees always goes darker) and you do not want a face as dark as your abs, trust me! But on top of that you are actually required to stand there butt naked to get a tan for a comp, and many do for a normal tan too! (I personally hate tan lines). So if you have to bare all, and do a slight ‘squat’ to get into the cracks then you want someone that you feel comfortable with and isn’t ‘judging’ your stark nakedness as you already feel uncomfortable enough.

10696318_598734706930358_8447287638361404494_nJess is a chatter box, and her continued easy going nature, chatting away puts you at complete ease that she doesn’t care at all that you are standing in the nude! With the obvious focus on the job at hand she will not make you wait around in the cold for too long and get a heater straight onto you before telling you how to best care for you tan. As well as how best to remove it! While we all know those last few days of a tan can see cracks appear, heels and elbows a little bit discoloured she has great tips for removal such as a hot soaking bath and a dry towel when you get out to scrub off, it really works a treat!

11412276_598737093596786_9053815571045102369_nSo while we can’t all take advantage of Elemental Glow and Jess Featherstone’s magic hands, those lucky enough to be in the WA region should take advantage of her ability for completions and general weekend glow, it’s important to be your best and that means feeling your best too!

Contact: 0408 239 243


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