KenWood TriBlade and more!

Kenwood have a huge range of products from processors, blenders, mixers, hand blenders, mini processors, bench top cookers juicers, and the basics of toasters, kettles etc so with all of his sometimes it’s almost confusion what item to use!
Firstly, their customer service team can instantly help you in determining what item you need depending on what you want to cook and create but their easy and clean online set up is also easy to navigate and work it out.

So with a multitude of products my go to item is often the Kenwood TriBlade Hand Blender HDP406WB. It has a multitude of attachments that really will get any job done for you.

The attachments include;
– balloon whisk attachment – for fluffy eggs and creamed butter
– chopper attachment – for chopping your herbs
– mini processor compartment and blade
– masherPro attachment – for creamy mash
– soupXL blender attachment – for smooth soups

So across all of these you can get create on all your go to recipes with this simple item!
The other features and just areas I noted as useful is the ease of cleaning with a smooth finding there really is limited areas to have food get stuck in forever which is both unappealing and unhygienic this is extremely clean and user friendly. Each attachment only clicks in, no annoying processes and line ups and it’s one click and in no half way point where you aren’t sure! The stick itself is a comfort to use as well with its shape perfect to hold and use the buttons.
So with this in mind the only areas I found it may fail at are large amounts of ingredients as he processor is only mini but this is perfect for a dip or sauce where in a large processed the blades wouldn’t pick it up. It’s also not appropriate for cakes with the whisk as it’s more of a one option speed and rather fast so the low ‘cold’ in option isn’t quiet available. But that’s okay that’s why they have their cooking chef for the real baker πŸ™‚

Snickers cupcake 5(1)

So with this I got creative with my whisk attachment this weekend and created two cupcake recipes; snickers and hummingbird. Both are ‘clean’ and delicious!
The recipes will be available in the coming weeks, just to make sure you stay tuned in!

Choc cranberry biscuits 3

Other recipes I have created include a Pea and Ham Soup with the kCook, delicious biscuits with the whisk attachment of the TriBlade hand blender and the snickers smoothie in the bench top blender!

IMG_4243Snickers Smoothie with crumble topping 1


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