The Health Food Guys – Raw Protein Bars

The Health Food Guys are an Australian Owned, Operated and Distributing Company of delicious Raw, organic and natural protein bars.

IMG_4747There is no doubt that heart and soul has gone into these products with all the fine points touched on from the packaging with it’s brown card box and earthy feel packaging this represents the earthy and natural feel of the goodness I am about to consume. Not to mention that upon reading the lovely personalised note that comes with your order you can read their story that just three guys, have taken three whole years, to come up with this product that I can only assume I will enjoy. That much time and obvious investment into a product would mean they are providing you with goods that have undergone vigorous trial and error testing to bring you what they believe the best version of their vision.

Now their range of three bars comes available not only online, but in stores such as naturopaths, health stores, gyms etc. and each has something of a ‘health point of view purpose’. So whether you are going for a bar based on its cause or its flavour combination they have you covered.

IMG_4748Their range include:

  • Vanilla & Blueberry – with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. This was the first bar I tried and while not appealing to what I had in mind (I imagine vanilla to be light in colour) reading the ingredients list with items such as dates and wholegrain Bio-fermented brown rice protein, it makes sense for this colouring to be as it is. But the colour means nothing upon tasting the deliciousness inside that is sweet and fruity thanks to the combination of dates and blueberries the vanilla is more stated for its simple flavour and the one that all trainers and eaters would be sure to enjoy.
  • Maca Bar – For Balance and Vitality. The maca bar contains dried organic maca root which is known to help enhance your mood, energy and general wellbeing including improved skin issues and greater mental focus and blood pressure control just to name a few. Loaded with just as much goodness as the other bars this one is the lowest in its kilojoule intake and much for muchness on the fats and carbs so still providing a well-balanced bar and naturally enjoyable bar.
  • Cacao Goji – For Energy and Wellbeing. This bar appeals to me the most with its flavour combination. Why? It’s chocolate! Cacao is the raw and unrefined version of the chocolate that we love. While somewhat bitter on its own personally I am a lover of dark chocolate so this isn’t a worry of mine, but the inclusion of natural sweetness from rice malt, dates and coconut nectar in this treat mean that it’s still a delicious chocolate bar with the added goodness of the goji berries full of antioxidants. So if you’re a chocoholic this would be the only one for you!

With all the bars totaling around the 16g protein per bar, 13g of fats and 19g of fat they are a great snack to keep you going through the afternoon or that protein boost for after your workout with your carbs included to keep you going.

Protein is a great diet inclusion to keep you full for longer aid in your muscle recovery and growth and from a vegetable source such as rice protein these bars are even dairy free so all lactose intolerance are avoided along with being gluten free and refined sugar free. The carbohydrates are from natural occurring sugars with no artificial additions as well as the fats all derived from food fat sources such as nuts and seeds. All of these items help with being packed full of good antioxidants to help fight diseases, nutrients, micro nutrients, vitamins and minerals. These bars are in no way an ‘empty calorie’ bar, every bite is doing you some good.

One thing noted across the wrong range is the easy ability to finish a bar. This may seem an odd note to make but do you ever find that come the end of a protein bar you are looking for that glass of water? Dryness and ‘gluggy’ mouth feelings are often those I have encountered or a rich and bitter aftertaste from almost too much rawness. There have been numerous bars where I have taken a bite only to find it’s not worth my chewing effort and calories consumed and they are often packaged so nicely too. The Health Food Guys provide a perfect texture of chewy yet cake like without the need to guzzle water which is super enjoyable. They are perfect on their own and I know they will make my treats taste even better when I get to include them.


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