Sparking berries

Progressive Nectar Blogging site, has requested a cocktail for a their next marketing promo and I was lucky enough to be mentioned in their meeting as a great candidate for contributing one of these! While I personally am not much of a drinker, I have tried a new in the past so to get experimenting with this seemed like a fun idea! And I came up with this refreshing drink, perfect for summer months! (if only it was summer here!)

Sparking Berries Cocktail

Sparking berries
Serves 1

Soda water or Champagne
1/3c thawed berries
30ml Chambord
15ml peach schnapps
15ml vodka
Squeeze lime
Tap honey
3 Ice cubes
Mint leaves to garnish

In a processor blend your berries, lime, honey and ice. Add to your cocktail shaker with the Chambord, schnapps and vodka and give a shake.
Pour into your glass over ice and top with extra ice and your champagne or soda water
Garnish with mint leaves.


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