Choco Oreos

Choco Raweos 5Choco Oreos
Makes: about ten

1/4c walnuts (25g)
50g dried chopped dates
1tsp Heilala vanilla bean paste
1/4c du chocolat drinking powder
1/4c almond meal
1/4c almond breezes almond milk
1/2tbsp Maple Crate pure maple
2/3c hazelnut meal
1/4c dessicated coconut
1tbsp coconut flour – optional
1 banana sliced

To roll: cacao nibs, shredded coconut
Additional: nut butter like the Food to Nourish Chocolate Hazelnut spread

Choco Raweos 3Directions
1. Soak your dates, maple and almond milk and place in the microwave to heat and soften.
2. Add to your Breville food processor with all ingredients except the coconut flour.
3. Blend for 30seconds.
4. Remove blade and if a bit wet add the coconut flour and stir in well.
5. Wrap into cling wrap and refrigerate overnight
6. Remove from fridge and Between two sheets of baking paper roll out to 1cm thick. Cookie cut to desired size and roll the edges through coconut or cacao nibs and sandwich your sliced banana together
If you want more flavour spear some of your favorite nut butter on the banana first

Enjoy x.

Choco Raweos 9


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