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Today I received some amazing goodies thanks to Food To Nourish.


I came across their product through one of my many Instagram searches and it was through this that I then checked out their website only to discover the huge array of deliciousness that they have available! The stock both in stores and online!

Upon contacting them and further discussion Food To Nourish were exceptionally helpful and accommodating in deciding to provide me with two jars for my own tasting, recipes collation and enjoyment as well as a jar of chocolate hazelnut 100% organic nut spread, Spicy BBQ activate almonds and a gluten free, grain free 100% organic fluffy pancake mix (super jealous this one’s not for me!) which is all going towards a major giveaway I am soon to run through my CleanTreats Instagram and Facebook (be following so you don’t miss out!)

Danille has inspiration on how to use her products on her website as well, and I hope to bring this to you also! check out these amazing Lemon and Poppy Seed cupcakes :

Danille has inspiration on how to use her products on her website as well, and I hope to bring this to you also! check out these amazing Lemon and Poppy Seed cupcakes :

So what’s so good about these items? What are some of these ‘benefits’ and ‘health’ terms that I have mentioned?

Well first off organic – basically means free of chemicals, pesticides and anything else nasty add added to help a plant grow whether that be to help them in the size of their growth or keep them free of nastiest to ensure they actually do fully grow for a harvest. To be organic and certified organic in Australia the items that are used within a product must all be organic themselves as well. That means that the maple, cinnamon, almonds, coconut oil, and cashews that all go into the maple and cinnamon spread are all organic in their own right too! Within Australia strict guidelines to meet the organic mark must be met including testing, auditing, and zones for the perimeter of organic crops to non-organic crops (e.g. avoid non organic water run off etc.) Basically the purpose of organic is to ensure that we are putting the goodness into our bodies in its best form, most natural and without chemicals that may do us harm. While we may pay for this addition to a label, its money well spent for the goodness of your body and I know I can trust what I am putting in when I eat Food To Nourish items.

Grain free – Grains are any items that are made from wheat, rice, cornmeal, barley or other cereals are considered a grain. For those that suffer from celiac’s grains or ‘gluten’ are not allowed, for those that suffer crohn’s a grain free diet has also been proven to aid. As well as helping with the growing number of people that experience discomfort from grains and bloating. Grains are found in many items and typically baked goods such as breads, pasta, oatmeal and cereals so to a have pancake mix such the Food to Nourish brand this is a tasty treat that many looking for grain free diets can raise their hands for!

Gluten Free – Is in line with the above, gluten is derived from wheat and therefore grains as well. But there are some items that you would consider a grain that are gluten free which can include quinoa, couscous, legumes etc. that are still fine to eat. A intolerance to gluten is what many people do appear to have developed over time and can be a digestion discomfort of a gluten product ranging from mild to severe, while celiac’s is basically an allergy which can result in hospitalization without treatment and rather than avoiding gluten out of choice it must be avoided at all costs. Many can believe that a gluten free diet can be healthy, low carbohydrate and therefore low calories for weight but there are many other alternatives on the market now to choose from a gluten free diet can be just as easy to make poor choices on due to this common misconception. But it’s thanks to brands and products like the Food To Nourish that still aim to bring you the gluten free and tasty foods in their purest and healthiest way possible.

Activated nuts – This means ‘soaking’ your nuts, whether that be cashews or almonds in water prior to consuming them. You will notice this greatly softens them and is a method that I use for my cashews when I use them in my raw cake fillings to ensure they become a creamy texture upon blending. The purpose of this activation is not so much for my method, but more for the benefits of digestions where activation of these can help to promote the enzymes for breaking these down. Many people even do this at home themselves and the process can be completed over 24hrs.

So with all this in mind, what do I think of the products?

Well I think I will need to buy my own activated nuts for starters the spicy BBQ ones I have been sent to include in my giveaway look almost too good to want to pass up. Typically I am a cashew fan, and my general avoidance to purchase my favourite flavour of chilli lime roasted is only so I don’t devour a kg in one sitting but as I look into the bag of the Food to Nourish Spicy BBQ crunchy activated almonds my taste buds can almost taste the goodness and it would even be safe to buy them as they are in a more controlled serving size J This is a great inclusion to my package.

The same goes to the pancake mix. Grain free, gluten free it’s great to know that those that are either on avoidance of these products for ‘healthy benefits’ for the noticeable help benefits of digestion or the actually physical rejection of these items into their body can still enjoy a pancake Sunday thanks to goodies like this.

So I was personally provided with the maple & cinnamon spread and the gingernut spread. Which immediately I laugh at the suggestion that as these are natural and free of preservatives upon opening the seal they are best consumed within 2months. A. they will last longer than this so don’t worry but B. as is if they are ever going to last that long! I think I consumed ¼ of the jar just to ‘taste test!’ Now I am a huge gingerbread, and spices lover so these are basically my dream combination. They come straight out of the jar without the oily sediment that often sits on top of a natural nut butter which is so ideal. I often find that nuts butter like this can end up super oily on the top and complete concrete when you get to the bottom and you no longer have the natural oils in them to actually make back into a paste again. Both of these combine simple nuts, spices and coconut oil along with some pure maple in the maple and cinnamon combination. They are really creamy I actually didn’t read the label initially but once I tried them I had to read it to see where the creaminess came from as it tasted like hidden butter in there, but nope just natural goodness, I think it comes down to the fine blending of the nuts, the activation as well as the coconut oil combined for this amazing consistency. I am looking forward to topping my pancakes with these and my mind boggles at the idea of recipe creations, I am thinking that a pecan with the maple and cinnamon spread should be an absolute winner!

While I feel like I was provided with samples of goodies from the lovely Australian Company, I have hardly scrapped the surface of the remaining goodness that it holds. Food to nourish has other nut spreads such as chocolate coconut, activated ABC spread, Activated almond spread, activated cashew spread, and I would love to get my hands on the luscious lemon spread.

Their range of activated almond flavour combinations range also include bush tucker and you can buy in larger amounts if you are greedy like me.

If you want even more of an on the go treat single packed bliss balls are also available which include berrylisious, green envy and WOW cacao balls. As well as BaBoom bars in chocolate banana, berry vanilla, apple pie and tropical for those on the go.

If you are a bit of a baker like me, then they also have the option of home baking mixes which include as mentioned the fluffy pancakes, vanilla muffin mix, fudgy chocolate mix, divine vanilla cake mix and the decadent chocolate cake mix.

10693366_1518875791715242_612009936_aIf all of this wasn’t enough they even have your breakfast sorted with a small and large paleo breakfast adventure in coconut cinnamon vanilla flavour.

It’s a little bit hard to comprehend what else the Food to Nourish need to have available as you think they would have it all covered, but with popular demand I can only envision good things to come from their production line.

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