Lemon and Coconut Cream Tart

Lemon coconut cream tart2Lemon and Coconut Cream Tart
Makes 2


For the tart shell
1tbsp Coconut Magic Desiccated Coconut
1tsp Coconut Magic Coconut Sugar
1 scoop BulkNutrients Coconut Rough Protein (30g)
1tsp cacao butter melted
2tsp Coconut Magic Coconut Oil melted
1tsp Coconut Magic Coconut Nectar
1tsp water

For the lemon coconut cream filling
35g soaked cashews *
1tsp Coconut Magic Coconut Nectar
1tsp Coconut Magic Coconut Oil melted
1/2tbsp lemon zest
1 1/2tbsp coconut cream (thick component)
1/2tsp Heilala Vanilla Bean paste
1/2tsp Coconut Magic Coconut Sugar
1tbsp Coconut Magic Coconut Flour

*soaked in boiling water min. 20 minutes

1. Combine your base ingredients in a bowl (heat the liquids together) and stir together well to combine and bind.
2. Press into 2 mini tart cases or cupcake cases. Set aside
3. Drain your cashews and place all your ingredients into a mini food processor. Blend until smooth and creamy. This may take a few minutes and scrape the sides if needed.
4. Spoon into the cases and enjoy πŸ’›

I use a lot of Coconut Magic product – Why do I love them? They are Organic, Australian, Quality and I have always received GREAT customer service from them I like to keep going back to those that help me out!

Lemon coconut cream tart4


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