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My favourite supplement company Bulk Nutrients have a new website, oh and a tonne of new products which I thought it’s about time I make mention of!

Bulk-Nutrients---LogoBulk Nutrients is a purely online Australia supplement company that specialise in pre, post and intra workout supplementation as well as a range of support products, and now even a growing foodie range.

Being an all online company, you can only imagine that the experience a customer has when purchasing online is their number on priority, along with meeting the customers’ needs in terms of their service and product availability. Areas like ensuring that products are easy to find, log in is easy, items show out of stock etc. are all vitally important areas to have working perfectly for a great customer experience.

Previously, the Bulk Nutrients wasn’t ‘un-user friendly’ in fact many people loved it, as once you got to know it, like anything it was easy! The colours suited the Bulk Nutrients themes of the orange and white and all the information and products were there, you just had to know how to look! But there were some areas that could be better managed, for example going onto a search for WPI, and NZWPI was the first on the list, still a great product but not what I typed. While unsure if this caused any issues for purchasers or a back end point of view I guess it was just something that could be tweaked.

I also loved to read the Bulk Nutrients Blog, but finding the links to this was easier through the Facebook page then it was through the website. But never mind.

So what changes have I noted on the new website and what are my thoughts?

  • The colour and layout – The new website is more ‘block’ in colour and the addition of more black. Previously the home page was on more of a ‘one pager’ and now you can scroll down to view the latest products, some great marketing information and featured products that they want to showcase. As well as a really obvious area for putting in your email to subscribe to their newsletter so you can never miss their latest news! This is a great new layout for the Bulk Nutrients Team and really allows them to showcase their newest products. I also love the easy one option selection of product menu along the top, where the previous set up had these options both along the header and the left side bar!
  • Account log in is easier Previously I always got confused as to how to access my account, the easiest way was either directly through an email link or when I checked out. If I simply wanted to log in, this actually made it a little hard to locate how! The new website makes this super easy to locate, smack bang on the home page.
  • Product Selection – Not only is this easier with a direct search bar if you know what you are looking for but you also have the option to just select the product and now within this are all sizing options and flavours. Previously the selection of the sizes, for example WPI, meant you typed in WPI and all sizing options came up, which you then selected the size and entered a new window for purchasing the flavour. But the size organization on the original screen did not actually read smallest to largest, sort of all over the place with one kg being around the last option (perhaps a really smart sale move on their part to avoiding you finding the cheapest and buying more instead!). While if you knew what you were looking for or you knew where your size was located this was easy but for new shoppers I imagine this made it a bit difficult. The new screen means you can really easily compare the bulk rate prices as it is all in front of you and even writes with without you ‘selecting each one’ instead. I also think this will make it really easy to make sure people make the most of the bulk prices and don’t accidentally order 5x 1kg bags all separate and miss out on their discount because no one wants to be ripped off a bargain after all!
  • month promos – While they always had them, and everyone loves a freebie after all, who wants one that they aren’t even going to use! Now the option to select or not select he add in if you qualify is an option which is great if you have no idea what TBooster combination is and you have no intention to gain muscle mass. While the option to change your freebie isn’t there, it is a complimentary after all.
  • Live Chat – Their newest ‘toy’ on the new website, this allows for quick questions, answers and advice on products. This is great if you are just having some weird system error when trying to order that can always happen on any online sites or just can’t find the item you are looking for. Their responses have so far been quick and accurate and they are mostly available during business times. Another bonus? This saves a phone call which I hate as well as avoiding having to wait for an email reply!
  • Blog As I mentioned before this was a little ‘hard’ to find, now it’s easy! Right up the top bar. The front screen has large inviting images of all the recipe blog posts and contributors and I love that the blog introduces the writers as well as the ambassadors. It also appears that many of the ambassadors will the contributing to the blog itself as writers and it’s great to get to know the successful athletes using the Bulk products! While the blog is still new so limited content, it will be exciting to read and become a reference point for you supplement information and information of the Bulk Sporting world!bn_recipe_peanutbutterandjellycake-300x300
  • Recipe! – Obviously when you read my own blog, look at my Clean Treats page and any other pages you can see that I am a huge recipe fan and I LOVE adding in the goodness of protein to a treat. So this is a great addition to the site to know how you can use protein in your cooking and I am sure this will only encourage more clean eaters and creative thinkers! Get cooking and tag my @cleantreats_ on Instagram and on FaceBook and show me your creations.
  • Mobile Site – How annoying is it when you get onto your mobile phone to check out a website and it just isn’t user friendly? Online is easy and the best experience then you get onto your mobile and all love is lost when you cant complete an order, items don’t click through, they read all over the place with huge indents and they don’t load up for you. Talk about annoying and an instantaneous way for a company to loose their customers! Bulk Nutrients have improved their mobile site now as well as their website and its as simple as a webpage to use, with all the same information, abilities and accessibility it doesn’t matter wear you are you can always find it out with Bulk.

So all in all I think I enjoy the new website, I think the changes are great and accompanies the changes that are also now in place in their products and the changes to come. A growing company needs to grow with the changes and expectations of their audience, after all! I will post a blog tomorrow on the newest Bulk Nutrients products my thoughts and what I know! Don’t forget to jump onto the website and check it out yourself, for the full experience it doesn’t hurt to chuck something into you cart as well (like protein pancakes) and experience the checkout process too 😉

Happy ‘Bulking’ x


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