Kenwood kCook

Kenwood, have recently brought out this brand new appliance. It’s called the kCook! The kCook is designed to be a bit of a ‘all in one’ on the bench top cooker, chopped, steamer and I have been lucky enough to try this out myself.

IMG_4179The concept behind this device is the same as many others working to make out lives easier in the kitchen with reduced number of kitchen appliances needed to get the job done. With so many kitchens seeming to shrink in sieve, not to mention the need for more bench space and inner city living these well designed appliances work a treat for taking the place of dozens of cluttering appliances and tools.

When it comes to the kCook, you can now through our a blender and processor, this does that for you, you can throughout the steamer and chopper and you can even avoid the use of your stove top for things like sauces, soups, risotto, oats and stews.

Pumpkin Thai peanut soup 5Now kCook do understand that not everything can be done with this item so they will continue their quality manufacturing of blenders, mixers, processors, hand whisks just to name a few.

When my kCook arrived my first arrived I opened it up to be surprised by whats inside, of course I had done my research on what to expect but nothing accounts for the real thing. First I pull put my electric scales, which I didn’t realize were included but a perfect inclusion as mine were broken! Then I pulled out the device itself. Two bowls, cleaner, chopping blade, stirring paddle, lids, the base where all included. Everything to get the jobs done. The device itself is sturdy and first impression is the quality of it. I do feel like I could drop this and not hurt it! the bowls are stainless steel, but with the rimming on them even though they will get hot as they cook up your coups you wont be burning yourself!

Just to give it a go I set it up, placed the chopping blade in and processed some peanuts immediately. The result; not to noisy, I didn’t even have to read the instructions to know how to use it was that simple.

So what did I really want to cook first? my Mind was getting creative at this point as I love a new challenge. So i got onto their kCook App for some inspiration, to see what others had done with it!

Honey spice oats 4

The app is easy to use you can select steaming recipes, one pot and sauces and the step by step instructions are included including what bottom to press when, how many times and how long for etc. The app included recipes such as one pot risotto, where you wont have to stand over the hot-pot stirring for 40 minutes until its cooked, the stirring paddle will do it for you. sauces for you fish and delicious creamy soups.

Over the course of the weekend I ended up making one pot; spiced rice for a desert, honey spiced oats for my brother breakfast (quote: ‘best oats I have ever eaten‘) and a Pumpkin Thai and Peanut soup as well as a salmon leek and cauliflower pie and Blackberry and Coconut mini hand pies – all these recipes will slowly come up on here and my CleanTreats FaceBook page so keep an eye out!

Blackberry and coconut handpiesSome of the features that I loved about the kCook included; the easy ability to clean, being stainless steel the finish is smooth, it’s just a wipe down and a dry off with not horrible sticking at the bottom. I also loved that you don’t need to change bowls between cooking and processing such as making a chunky soup into a creamy soup. You can simply remove the stirring paddle and press the processing blade into its place so there is no mess! Then there is the timer, which allows you to cook for the required time, will inform you once it’s done but if you don’t get to it, it doesn’t just keep cooking, it goes into ‘warming mode’ for thirty minutes after its finished. So if you duck out to the shops, fall asleep on the couch etc your dinner wont be a. ruined and b. it will still be steaming hot for you!

Baked rice 6

I am looking forward to my continued experiments with my new toy and cant wait to make some more soups, as the Tasmanian winter is truly set in. But some nice beef stews with some homemade pasta will go down a treat.. ahh if only I had more mouths to feed.


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