Arms – some abs and cardio

So on the weekend I did arms, that is Bi’s and tri’s and i always seem unmotiavted come the weekend and arms are not the most exciting thing I want to train, lets face it it it’s a long session when you pair bi’s and tri’s together so you need some level of motivation!

So come the weekend I sort of dread it, maybe it’s because the weekend my routine can be thrown out. I get up a little bit later (okay so 7am not 6am but still!) then I question if I should eat before or after my workout as I am up later I generally think before is better. Then it’s cold (yes I’m being a sook) and I have everything else I want to do like cook, do my weekly cleaning jobs, wash the car, visit friends, take my dog for a walk or maybe I just want to watch master-chef reruns.. either way a late morning gym session can get in the way.

But sometimes I get there and it’s all okay. I think I find if the gym is a little buzzing I am better, but if it is empty, like it was on the weekend, then my motivation is never coming back it’s still tucked up int he covers of my nice warm bed I chose to leave to do a workout where I will leave questioning why I bothered.. So that was me this weekend.

I decided arms is my problem, similar ot back i don’t love it. I have recently taken on the suggestion from Brodie that if I don’t like a body part, do ti first thing in the week, why end the week bad? So having tried this with back, and it seemed to work, I am trying this with arms and I am determined to make them sore. So i am also splitting them up. Today was just Bi’s, I tagged in some abs, and some cardio and you know what, i left feeling ‘job well done’ and sore.. so here’s my arm workout for today!:

started with abs 3 sets of the following:
– knee tucks x15 reps (1rep is leg raise, down, knee tuck, down)
– side crunches x15reps
– oblique twists x25reps (I used a 10kg plate)

Preacher curl – 4 sets – 10 reps on straight side with 10reps wide grip normal side

Cables straight bar curls – 3 sets – 10 reps – the time taken to lower is the number rep you are at ie 1st rep, 1sec down, 4th rep, 4 seconds down etc) finish with 10 full pumps
cable straight bar curls – 1 set – triple drop set

Incline bench 1 1/2 curls – 10 reps with hammer curls (both arms and straight out) – 4 sets

Hammers across the body – 3 sets – 15 reps
Hammers across the body – 1 sets – triple drop set

straight bar curls – 3 sets – 7 reps bottom, 7 top, 7 full

now some cardio – 14minutes HIIT sprints! 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off


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