Blueberry and Lemon Mac Bites

Blue Dinosaur have an amazing range of paleo protein bars available for you! If you are a paleo goer which is a very popular choice of diet in today’s society then these guys are providing you with a delicious bar to meet your caveman needs and guidelines!
Packed full or REAL foods like dates, apricots, cashews, almonds, brazil nuts, cacao and coconut oil, and minimal ingredients it makes you wonder why products need all the nasties int he first place when Blue Dinosaur are so easily giving you simple deliciousness.

Blue Dinosaur are highly present all over Australia and frequent many expos, their product is quickly showing up and becoming more known. Not only are they stocked in any good store, they are also available online. And you guessed it, buy more,a nd it will get cheaper!
Some of the delicious bars they have include: The Original, Ginger Nut, Cacao Mint, The Brazilian and Mac’Lemon. While its hard to make these better, I just have to give these a go in my cooking. Try the following recipe for a real treat!

Blueberry, Mac and lemon bites

Blueberry, Mac and lemon bites
Makes 7 bites

1x blue dinosaur Lemon Mac bar (so yummy)
1tsp 247life strawberry, blueberry and raspberry blend
35g blueberries (defrosted)
1/4c dedicated coconut
1tsp honey
1tsp water
2tbsp coconut flour

1. Everything into mini food processor and blend till combined.
2. Roll into your treaties and into the fridge until they are demolished!


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