Salmon and Leek Pie with crispy skin with the kCook

KenWood have been amazing and sent me their newest appliance: the kCook. Not only does the kCook look stylish and a great addition to your bench top and kitchen, but it is a number of appliances in one! Fast becoming the standard among household appliances there isn’t much need to have multiple gadgets in the kitchen taking up valuable space!
The kCook allows for steaming, chopping like a processor, one pot meal cooking ability for items like soups, sauces, casseroles and risottos and super easy to clean up with its sleek design and easily detachable components!

The kCook has an electronic setting and control panel so you can adjust the time setting and leave it to do its thing or you can adjust the chopping speed to assist in a full creamy soup of a chunky chop! With the inclusion of blades for chopping, processing and even a stirring paddle for your soups the kCook also has an included bowl for steaming so you can cook your dim-sims, fish and veg in the healthiest way possible!

With my first use I found it really simple to use and didn’t really need instructions, more of a ‘follow your nose’ sort of attempt. I had downloaded the kCook app and drew some of my inspiration from this for the first recipe I decided to try with it. I made use of both the processing ability of my newest gadget as well as the processing blade and this delicious dinner went down a treat!

I am imagining multiple recipes that I will e able to cook up using my newest kitchen appliance and with winter set in there will be loads of winter warmers. I am thinking delicious oats, smooth and creamy soups as well as healthy versions and sauces for topping my steamed fish. Mmmm the options are endless!

Salmon and Leek Pie with crispy skin
Serves: 6-8 for dinner with side salad

600g skin on salmon fillets
800g steamed cauliflower (about 1medium cauliflower)
1 whole leek chopped
1 onion
1tsp cumin
1tsp coriander
1 garlic clove crushed
Salt and pepper to taste
1 egg
1/2c cream
1c grated mozzarella
1/4c grated Parmesan
Olive oil for cooking or butter

Serve with a side salad

1. Ask your butcher or you can skin your salmon. Set your skins aside.
2. Prepare everything. Measure out your ingredients, chop your onion and leek together. Chop your cauliflower into florets (stalk and all) chop your salmon in 2x2cm cubes.
3. Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
4. In a pan over medium heat, sautΓ© your onion and leek with your garlic, oil/butter and salt and pepper. Once well-cooked down add 1/4c cream and combine. Remove from heat and set aside until ready to use.
5. Steam your cauliflower in your kCook. Top the kCook with water to the steam line (300ml) Press the steam programme and the start button to commence steaming, adjust the timer to 15minutes. Drain and weigh out your 800g back into your Kcook. With the processing blade included.
6. You now want to process your cauliflower. Set your kCook to process and do this is short bursts so you can monitor the consistency. Add your cream, 1/2c mozzarella and your Parmesan, salt, pepper, spices and egg. Process to a chunky consistency. (see β€˜chop’ section for instructions)
7. In a casserole dish you can now assemble the dish. Start with your leek, top with your salmon, the over completely with your cauliflower mix. Top the dish with the remaining mozzarella.
8. Bake for about 20minutes until the top begins to go golden and crisp.
9. After about 15minutes of cooking you can start to crisp you salmon skins. Season the upside of your skins well and heat a non-stock pan. Place inner side down first to render and cook for a few minutes until turning golden, flip and do the same on the top side. Remove from pan onto some paper towel and as it cools this will turn crispy and crunchy.
10. Serve your pie with a side salad and the crispy skin on top.

I recommend downloading the kCook App for other great recipes as well as handy hints and tips.

You can view my full review of the kCook here.


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