Legs – Squats

I was tagged in a leg workout by Brodie created by Ben Pakulski, he told me we weren’t going to do this one, and I didn’t love the look of it either, it looked hard so probably more reason to get on-board!

So this is it:

Warm up:
100 Bodyweight squats
>pausing for 2-seconds at the bottom and never fully locking out or stoping at the top.

Exercise 1
Front Squats (shoulder width, feet straight)
6 sets
8 reps, rest 30 seconds
6 reps, rest 30 seconds
4 reps, then rest 3mins
4 reps, rest 1min
8 reps, rest 1min
16 reps, rest 1min

Exercise 2
Back Squats (4β€³outside shoulder width, toes slightly out)
Reps> 7, rest 90 seconds
7 rest 90 seconds
7, rest 90 seconds
14, rest 60 seconds
14, rest 60 seconds
21, rest 3mins

Exercise 3
Dumbbell squats
8 sets (same weight)
10reps rest 20seconds
9reps, rest 20 seconds
8 reps, rest 20 seconds
7 reps, rest 15 seconds
6 reps, rest 15 seconds
5 reps rest 10 seconds
4 reps, rest 10 seconds
3 reps, Fall over, curl up in fetal position and ask someone nicely drive you home.
(for those of you that especially enjoy torture, try exercise 3 occluded at the hip with knee wraps at 70% percieved level of tension)

All in all, it was great but I don’t think I went heavy enough on the dumbbell squats with only 10kgs each hand this could have been more like 15 I think.. next time!


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