Mothers Day Weekend and Agfest

This weekend just passed was Mother’s Day! A day to say hey mum, I love you, thank you for what you do and all things mushy if in the last year you haven’t already showed it!

While I love days like this, I don’t LOVE that for some people it can take a day like this to put the effort in, we really should show we care (if we do) all the time. A thank you here and there is nice, aΒ  surprise present, lunch, treat or cook her dinner! But with busy lives and so many living away from loved ones these days just sometimes it’s not possible. For me, I now live 300km away, so I travel and visit when i can. which lately has been fortnightly. When ever I go up we go out for lunch or coffee, I obviously stay with them and I often cook dinner or dessert. It’s always nice to catch up, although we frequently chat in between visits. Mum also looks after my puppy, Ellie for me still as well which I am forever grateful for although I wish she didn’t have too! But moving away from home can not always mean things work out how you plan and so I am lucky I have mum there to help me with that!

So this weekend I went to visit for the special occasion which when one sister had been off to Bali the day before and the other now lives in WA it was a bit of a quieter affair than normal!

My Saturday became a day spent with dad, some father daughter bonding! Which was really nice and we were off to Agfest together. Agfest is the Tasmania Agricultural Festival for all things farming which includes machinery, fishing, poultry, cattle, cars, appliances, housing material, gadgets and more! It has never appealed to me to go, I am more city then rural but I am not appose to getting dirty and some hard work either. But dad really wanted to go and to be honest I love nothing more than seeing someone really enjoy something and take an interest,t he time spent there does not seem wasted, and luckily it didn’t as it was 4.5hrs long! Often the weather of Agfest is terrible, wet and cold but this time, just my luck being my first visit is was not warm, but not cold. I took a puffer jacket but it wasn’t needed! shame though as it meant I needed to carry it around all day!

Some of the sites included massively marked down current plated vehicles, it was great to see alt he caravans and dream of packing everything up to travel the world in $100,000 luxury. The boats of grand size, the insainly large farming machinery, the boutique food stalls that also involved taste testing and deliciousness, as well as huge ovens and outdoor wood pizza ovens that would only be a novelty for a few months! Among all of this we learnt that dads life jacket will probably kill him before it saves him due tot he lack of servicing he has had done with it, as well as the purchase of water boots, fishing line and links, as for me smoked garlic, and delicious salts for my cooking. I also managed to make a short list of items that seems like they would satisfy dad for fathers day or his birthday.

So after this it was home, via the supermarket to get items for mums mothers day dinner. we chose to do it a day early because it wasn’t possible the following day when I needed to travel back to Hobart. Mothers day dinner became a delicious creamy cauliflower and salmon baked pie which also included leeks and some of my own additional touches followed by blackberry and coconut mini hand pies – both recipes to come. We then sat down to watch the imitation game which is brilliant and although I have seen it before it’s one of those complex movies where you tend to pick up more on the ideas behind it the second time you watch! The rest of the family loved it too.

The Sunday, actually mothers day was spent training my dad, mum got breakfast of eggs and bacon which I believe is standard in households before we ventured into town to get my brother his school ball attire. A new shirt and tie. I then got pulled by gravity into witchery to walk out with new boots and socks! Followed by a coffee date with mum before my drive home to Hobart!

I even passed the time with a phone call to my sister in WA who has bought her first cat! a better option then a dog I think which she almost bought but as she has only just recently moved there with her newish BF I think a cat is less hassle!

So with mothers day over for another year, it will be another fortnight until i venture up to launceston again! Some upcoming events though are making this winter seem a little less dreary with San Cisco playing in Hobart mid next week, Dark MOFO starting with MONA and a cracker night planned by my boss on May 30th I’m looking forward to some of the upcoming events!



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