Cherry Bliss

Cherries pack a punch of goodness. Like many pack colored foods; berries, red wine, dark chocolate etc. they are combination of antioxidants that can help with insomnia, joint pain, inflammation, weight loss just to name a few.

Cherries are low on the glycemic index at 22, in fact that’s lower than many other fruits like apricots (57), grapes (46), peaches (42) and blueberries (40) so they are a great healthy choice especially for diabetics!

Cherries contain a great source of melatonin, which is something that can be found to help sleep with both energizing and relaxing properties to help with a great night’s sleep. Cherries can also aid in recovery and reducing muscle pain, with their ability to reduce the muscle inflammation this is a great inclusion in an active individual’s diet! With an inclusion of fiber, vitamin C, carotenoids and anthoncyanins these are said to be a cancer fighting team and help to reduce the risks.

Cherries don’t need to be enjoyed on their own, they paid well in a number of desserts, salads and juices for an easy inclusion into your diet.

So I made a yummy recipe that includes cherries for all the above goodness, with the great taste!

Cherry bliss 2Cherry bliss
makes 8 bliss bites

1tbsp Cacao powder
2tbsp desiccated Coconut
30g Sunbeam Macadamias
20g Sunbeam Almonds
20g Sunbeam Cashews
1tsp Coconut Magic coconut sugar
25g Cranberries
50g Sunbeam Cherries – glazed
1tsp finnberry lingonberry powder
1tsp Coconut Magic Coconut nectar

Drizzle with sugar free white chocolate

1. Combine your nuts, cranberries, coconut, smoothie bomb and coconut sugar into the mini processor and give a quick blend to chop and combine.
2. Add the rest of your ingredients and blend to bring together.
3. Roll into 8 bites and drizzle with melted chocolate.

I use my Breville Kitchen Wizz Pro – it blends up all my solid fruits and nuts super quickly and to great consistency!

Cherry bliss


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