Simply RAW and Chocolate Super-food Balls

Simply Raw have these delicious bars, in coconut rough, chocolate, vanilla, lemon macadamia, protein and sesame nougat. They tick all the boxes; gluten free, raw, paleo, super-food, soy free, dairy free, GMO free, no refined sugars and certified Organic ingredients! I don’t think there are any more measures it could meet! So with that being said there is no reason as to why no one should be getting onto these delicious bars!
But with all these options you may not be sure which to start off with, that’s why Simply Raw also includes a mixed box, so you can trial them all before you pick our your favorite.

Perfect for a snack and on the go, they are filling and a delicious chewy texture and appealing in appearance. Not to mention the packaging came in lovely colored wrapping, sometimes it’s the little touches that count!

Simply Raw bars can be bought straight off their website, but even suppliers like Alkaline include them for purchase which make them easy to source if you buy your product at the same time, in single bar purchase options it can help reduce initial outlay for a trial!

Simply Raw first started back in 2011, before the health food industry even really took flight! They created their product just in home, and provided them to locals through the markets they quickly saw a keen interest and demand for snack items that are good for you, organic and actually provide you with nutrients and goodness. Their choice of bars have remained within their beliefs and guidelines of being nutritious, delicious, raw, paleo, GMO free, dairy gluten and wheat free. with ranges to cater for nut free and vegan as well.
True to their beliefs Simply Raw have just joined with Global charity Buy 1 Give 1 which helps donate to over 700 global charities around the world. As well as being included in more local fundraisers and in raising awareness such as Hands Across Water in 2014.

Janine and Sebastian will continue to provide us with quality and naturally delicious products that we know are doing good for us. Keep an eye out for them in health magazines, blogging sites and promoters such as GoodnessMeBoxes. I am sure we will continue to see great things and new developments.

I was lucky enough to be provided some coconut rough bars, which not only tasted great but I thought they would be a great inclusion into a recipe as well.

This recipe is not only equally as delicious as the bars themselves but still keeps the allergen friendly ticks ensuring even your kids can take these to school! Often it can be hard to include items like this into school lunch boxes as they are commonly nut based. The even freeze well so you can make up plenty to keep them going.

Chocolate superfood balls

Chocolate Superfood balls
Nut free | vegan | raw | dairy free
Makes 5x 22g balls


1/4c quick oats
1tsp coconut nectar
1tbsp cacao powder
1tsp tahini
1x Simply Raw Coconut Rough Bar
1tsp pure maple

1. All combined into a mini processor and blended until combined.
2. Roll into 5 balls and store in the fridge


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