Nourishing Energy Mix

Nourishing by Sally Robbie creates delicious super-food energy mixes in pre-made up consistency ready to eat as is or chop up as you please!

Sally sent me both varieties of her product, in mini 10g bite size chunks, in a mini bag that’s tidy enough to slip into your bag and take with you, as well as a jump ball (pictured) that is big enough to play cricket with! I admit, I was taken by surprise when I opened up the bag to find the large perfectly round ball. I was both impressed at the shear size, and how well it held up in transit! The combination of goodies is perfect to keep it dense enough to remain intact during it’s shipping which is just what you want.

Even if it didn’t last the distance I can’t say this would be an issue. Upon reading the packaging I discovered the purpose of the ball, is not to actually eat it as an apple, but to break of chunks to eat, chop, include in your smoothies, goodies or dessert toppings or even to cut up and remold into your own small bite sized balls.

Presentation for Sally is spot on, earthy and simple the packaging creams goodness and wholesome which is what she aims to provide. Sally has just spent some time repackaging these up so her appeal to her customers is spot on and worth the effort or redesign.

I am sure Sally’s nourishing Energy Super-food mixes will continue to grow in popularity and we should see more to come. Not only does her social media platforms provide her own push for the product both other tasty recipes and treat ideas which should appeal to meny int he demographic so she is well worth a follow.

Sally has both a Facebook and Instagram:@nourishingbysallyrobbieย 

Getting onto her product and Sally sent me these not only to review but to see what creative goodies I can come up with. With no real guidelines I will continue to both enjoy, snack and create goodies using her super-food energy mix and hopefully I have plenty to share!


You can email Sally for more information here:

Superfood Choc hazelnut biscuits 2

Superfood chocolate iced biscuits
Makes: 6 25g biscuits


1tbsp cacao powder
1tsp coconut oil melted
50g macadamias
50g medjool dates
30g ‘nourishing’ energy mix


30g cashews (soaked) *
1tbsp melted coconut oil
1tbsp Cocoa powder
1tbsp chocolate hazelnut spread OR peanut butter

Top with walnuts


1. Set your oven to 180degrees C
2. Combine your ingredients in a mini food processor and blend together.
3.Shape into 6x 25g disk bites.
4. Bake for 10minutes. Remove and cool on a wire rack.
5. Make your frosting
6. Combine your icing ingredients into a mini food processor and blend till smooth. Spoon a 1-2tap of icing onto your bites once they are fully cooked and top with a walnut.
7. Store in the fridge.

Soak cashews for min 2hrs in boiling water but beat overnight.

Superfood Choc hazelnut biscuits


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