Progressive Nectar

Progressive nectar is a online hub, for bloggers and recipe enthusiasts to have another outlet to post, share and get active on social media with their recipe creations.

It’s not just a blogging site, it means that it itself has it’s own following and through this you can work together an generate exposure through their exposure and their own networking. It means that the followers they have will be able to access your recipes when they otherwise may not have come across you before. They have an audience of backing and will also feature your recipes interchangeably on their social media before posting, as well as link back to all your own areas!

Allowing a short bio, linking references and other relevant details on your page, Progressive Nectar are also helpful, quick to respond and help you with stt up. Mine was active in only a day and questions responded to over night, making it so easy when sometimes the navigation can be hard.

Not only this but they also group among like for like items ie gluten free, raw, vegan etc and basically everything on the bag is revolving around ‘healthy’ living./ So it ensures those searching know what they are looking at.

This is why I have chosen to join up, and made my own account. This links back to not only here, but my instagram and my Facebook account too. I already have a notice of when one of my first recipes will be featured and I can’t wait to see what this does.

This is how social media works, its about working together and you leverage off each others network. You can gain followers and exposure and its always polite to give credit where warranted! Not only with this help me, but I to will share my photos now and in the future with the reference to their own site in my own captions for easy reference. As each site will suit each person different. Some may not follow my blog for the inclusion of some naughty treats, general chat or workouts while the thought of a simple recipe only site may be more appealing. Hopefully marked as a new favorite in their tool bars.

If you do sign on to the site, let me know what you think. Let me know ideas you might like to have up there. I would love to hear them

As always,

Enjoy x


About nfrain

A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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