shoulders – by Brodie

This week, it’s my friend Brodie setting the workouts! Always happy to have someone else take the lead for a while and bring their own take to a session. This morning was shoulders, a smash session too! we decided it best to get this completed as today is also needles day at work, normally I don’t react to a needle but just in case.


Seated machine shoulder press – 3 sets – 1 1/2 reps for 10reps.
Seated machine shoulder press – 2 sets – full reps 10-12reps

Seated dumbbell shoulder press with same weight upright row – 3 sets – 10-12reps each

Front/side raises (with twist on the front raise) with rear delt flys – 3 sets – 12 rep front/side raises and 10 rep rears.

Cable side raises – 4 sets – 8 reps each continuous

Barbell upright row with behind the neck press – 3 sets – same weight for both – 10-12reps


Ab roller with side oblique crunches – 20-30 rolls with 25 each side obliques (interchangeable) complete three times.


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