Smoothie Bombs

I found the product ‘Smoothie Bombs‘ through my instagram page, and was intrigued. These little balls of goodness were packaged into a cylinder, 5 little chocolate balls of raw cacao goodness they have versatility in their uses and are easy to use in their pre-measured state.

The aim of these was to have a creation that created ease for you to make your nutrition super-food smoothies at home, without the need of 10x different products, not to mention knowing the inclusion rates of each to get the most, but not to much out of your favorite smoothie. For those busy and on the go, its as simple as grabbing a ball, crumbling it into a blender with your milk, banana, berries or other fruit and blending away to a smoothie of super-food and deliciousness.

So while this purpose makes them brilliant for what they are, I love to use them in more ways then one, and that’s exactly what can be done! These can be crumbled, combined, reworked into other ball creations and crumbled over goodies.

Choc bomb chia oats

I go straight into work with the best meal of the day; breakfast! Heating my whole oats within some honey sweetened almond milk, adding one of these smoothie bombs into my morning oats makes it feel more like dessert then a nutrition breakfast to get me through my morning. But it is just that, a guilt free inclusion to start my morning! My smoothie bomb dissolves straight into my simmering mix and the smell quickly alters from nutty honey to a rich chocolate.

Smoothie bombs come at this stage only in chocolate, I would love to see a more vanilla or cookies one, just for the purpose of being able to make non chocolate smoothies and goodies, weird I know but some people don’t like chocolate..

Smoothie bombs tick all the boxes in terms of vegan, nut free, dairy free, gluten free, no refinded sugars, paleo friendly and raw, so the inclusion of them suits all. if you want dairy you can just add your own! easy.

but its always silly to take one persons word for it. check them out and purchase for own for a trial; here. you can fill your shopping cart with nutritiondarlings muesli, porridge, ebook and granola which all look equally delicious!

Choc bomb chai oats

Chocolate bomb & Chia Oats
Serves 1-2

1c almond milk
2tsp raw honey
1 smoothie bomb
1/8c chia seeds
1/2c water
1tsp Heilala vanilla bean paste

To serve: goji berries, shredded coconut and 1/2 smoothie bomb crumbled

Optional; extra tbsp of du chocolat drinking powder for extra chocolate goodness

1. Heat a pot and add your almond milk, honey, vanilla and water. Bring to a simmer and add your oats
2. Crumble a smoothie into the oats and if adding extra chocolate add this too. Stir
3. Cook for about 10 minutes on a simmer until the oats are cooked through.
4. Stir through your chia at the end before serving. Serve and add your toppings.

Enjoy hot.

Choc bomb chai oats(1)

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