Vegetable Curry

I hate waste, So when my mum used butter mil on the weekend and had leftovers, its something that can be commonly bought for one recipe, the rest goes unused and thrown out. Although I haven’t tried freezing this, it probably would be okay to do so. I however made a vegetable curry out of it. While it looks complex, it was really easy only take about an hour out of my morning start to finish!



Buttermilk vegetable curry
Serves: 4


2 carrots
3 potatoes
15 green beans
1 sweet potato
2 onions
Coconut oil
1c coconut cream
1c buttermilk
Salt and pepper

Curry mix ingredients

1Tsp seeded mustard
Garlic clove
1Tsp peppercorn
1tsp turmeric
1Tsp cumin seed
1Tsp coriander seed
Pinch chilli powder
1Tbsp red lentils
1Tbsp yellow lentils
1Tbsp maple
1/2c dedicated coconut
2tbsp coconut oil


1. Add from your mustard to coconut oil to a hot pan and cook till toasted. Remove and allow to start to cool
2. Chop your sweet potato and potato and steam in the microwave till cooked but not mushy.
3. Add your toasted spices to a mortar and pestle and grind to a paste, add some water to bring together if needed. Set aside.
4. To a hot pan with coconut oil add your onion and sautΓ© down. Add your carrot and cook for 3minutes. Add your green beans and cook for another 2minutes
5. Add your ground spice mix and toss.
6. Add your coconut milk, buttermilk and potatoes.
7. Cook for 15-20minutes stirring every so often. Add 1/4c as you may need if it drys a bit.
8. Serve on rice with fresh chilli and coriander

Optional: addition of chickpeas, chicken, white fish, tofu


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