Caramel Latte Cake

This does taste as good as it looks, so delicious. I make a lot of mini raw cakes, the more you do the easier and quicker they get. Plus they are versatile. It’s more about having enough ‘firm’ ingredients within there to ensure an easily formed and cutable cake!


Caramel latte cake
Makes 1 mini cake
Dairy free | raw | gluten free

For the base
1tbsp Rebel coffee blend
1tsp coconut nectar
1/4tsp heilala vanilla
4tbsp macadamia meal
1tbsp quinoa
2tsp coconut oil
20g nuzest protein vanilla

For the top
10 (50g) dried dates soaked *
60g soaked cashews **
2tbsp maple
Pinch salt
1tbsp coconut oil
3tbsp Coconut cream

1. Line a mini cake tin.
2. Add everything into a bowl stir until combined.
3. Press into your cake tin and set aside.
4. Make the topping.
5. Add everything to a mini processor and blend really well until smooth.
6. Pour over base and smooth over. Place in the fridge to set over night or min 2hrs.

*soaked min 30minutes in boiling water and drained.
**soaked min 2hrs but best overnight.

I love;
My Breville Kitchen Wizz-Pro perfect for blending my delicious treats
Sunbeam Foods have amazing macadamia meal I’m so glad I discovered this tasty ingredient!



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