Simply Natural Nutrition Protein Mousse

Simply Natural Nutrition have protein mousse! I have tried this type of product before at expos, often high in carbs and sugars but this product is much friendly in terms of its nutritional panel!

Coming in at only 134cal per serve, 24g of protein, <1g fat and only 4.4g of carbs it really is a guilt free treat to enjoy.

I served up my first tester for my afternoon snack today and following the instructions of the sachet, 60ml water, whisks up and allowed to sit, I sprinkled a little of my own protein powder over top and dug in. The texture was as mousse should be, I think it would be even better chilled and in the fridge but I was very impressed with how easy and quickly it all comes together. I still have two more serves of other flavors left, I don’t think they will be used for just plain old mousse.. perhaps a cake of some sort?

I tried out the Tiramisu flavor to start. If your a coffee lover this one is certainly for you as the coffee intensity isn’t subtle but a nice hit. Using actual coffee over flavoring as well the product is certainly quality ingredients.

The flavors I have left include choc strawberry cheesecake and choc coconut, both equally as appealing as the other and I’m excited to try and get creative. Not provided to me was the industry favorite; chocolate and peanut butter and simple chocolate, but I am glad I have the alternatives to try, I am a peanut butter addict but sometimes it’s good to get the break! Plus I can always add some peanut to the mix if I miss it that much lets me honest!

Choc coconut protein mousse

Choc coconut protein mousse

Being so quick and easy and the equivalent of a quality protein shake in one serve there is no reason why this one even needs to hold off for a ‘cheat’ meal you can enjoy this every day.. with that in mind it might be dangerous to get involved as I may need an ongoing chain supply.

But this isn’t their only product, you can head to their website and easily fill a shopping cart with their other goodies! these include their Pro-Oats (Protein + instant oats) in cinnamon, natural and chocolate as well as their Supergreens + apple which would be perfect for the inclusion in that morning Green Smoothie so many of us love! And if your traveling its made easy with some of the items coming in travel pack, single serves which even allows you the ability to test out each flavor before you commit to just one.. even though that will be hard.


Choc Strawberry Shortcake
Makes 1 mini cake

For the base
1/2tbsp cacao butter melted *
1tsp coconut oil melted
1tbsp dedicated coconut
3tbsp macadamia meal
1tbsp almond meal

for the cheesecake
1 serve (40g) of simply nutrition choc strawberry cheesecake mousse
40ml water
10ml cacao butter melted
5ml honey

1. Combine your base ingredients in a bowl and press into a lined mini cake tin. Set aside
2. Combine your cheesecake ingredients and which with a fork, set aside for 30sec, I find best to melt the cacao and honey together.
3. Spoon over the top of the base and smooth the top
Garnish with choc drizzle

* I grate my cacao butter first to help it melt faster


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