Overcoming the most common downfalls

So we have all been there, given a fad a go, a change a go, and you mind yourself telling people you have been o this diet for ever, but its only been a week. Then all of a sudden you self sabotage, in one way or another you ruin your own motivation, progress, and ability, you derail yourself and once again your left to pick up the pieces, and maybe start over. Often these mistakes are our own self doing, its not the holidays fault that we gains a few kgs, it’s not the cafes fault that you ate a muffin for lunch, and it’s not the morning frosts fault you failed to train. You chose these and that means you can overcome them.

  • You “Ruined” your diet

So many people feel that as soon as they stray from their diet it is ‘ruined’ but if you go from eating a croissant for breakfast with jam, a caramel latte two sugars and a muffin mid morning, a white bread sandwich with creamy mayo fillings and processed meat for lunch with a double serving of creamy bacon and cheese white pasta for dinner and garlic bread, all of a sudden to; yogurt and muesli at breakfast, a long black dash of milk 1 sugar with a banana morning tea, tossed dressed salad with lean meat and a beef vegetable stir-fry with rice at dinner then don’t you think that the polite serve of ice-cream for dessert is well within your allowance, and a helping of pancakes on a weekend breakfast treat is okay? Yes of course! It’s a. these treats that stop us binging and that keep us satisfied! They can also help to up your metabolism, just refrain from them every day!

The other spectrum of this is the fact that occasionally people ‘binge’ so this may come from a big weekend, drinking, bbqs, cake, celebrations, weddings, fried foods etc and all of a sudden you feel the size of a hippo and why did you even both buying all those greens the last two weeks when you just undid everything? Never mind the fast that the goodness you put into your body probably made you stronger and recover quicker from your toxic venture, it’s most important to just get back onto the train and keep working! excess calories need to be consumed to put on fat, and this needs to be excess calories of fats and sugars and over 3500 extra to contribute. It is glycogen that for every gram stored also has 3grams of water with it, so a lot of this extra weight, and puffiness is water weight or water retention. This also occurs in greater levels when you are used to a low salt diet, often a binge increases the salt content dramatically and leads to increased water retention. If you get back onto the right eating habits and ignore the weightful feeling, you get back to your ‘true weight’ after only a period of 3-4 days! So you can start damage control more after that. When I have been through these fazes myself, I aim to avoid my tight clothes and the scales for min. 1week, why make myself feel bad when I know its not a true reflection of me? Its when you don’t return to your healthy habits that this new weight will become your true weight. It can be the self sabotage effect that you had the pancakes int he morning, ‘oh well i wrecked my diet now’ might as well have greasy battered fish and chips for lunch and a big mac and double chocolate cone for dinner too, and that box of tim tams have been sitting there to long…and so on. Weighing yourself can lead to self loathing and thinking that there is no point and again the cycle continues, often until you snap out of it, feel terrible and someone picks you up and something clicks into realizing what you are doing to yourself. round 2.

While I personally haven’t been down the no return road before, I have had my Friday night after a busy week when I am tired where I have had a standard healthy dinner only to follow it with the equivalent of 6 desserts.. I wake up the next morning, drink a bottle of water and head to the gym.. tell myself it never happened and it wont again. We are human, and I’m yet to find which is my sweet tooth to have it removed.

  • You tell yourself whats to come before you begin

I am a big believer in self talk, I will often say under my breath on the last set ‘common, one more, you did it last time you can do it this time!’ and I believe this works. I get more motivation out of someone telling me to breath, push and get through it then I do dead silence. So what if its the same for the less motivational thoughts, words and accompaniments?

If you wake up in the morning, look at the gloomy rain and the thought of a long work week ahead, try to drag yourself to the gym and tell yourself ‘this workout is going to be horrible’ you likely set yourself for failure, count the minutes till its over, prolong your breaks and leave exerting minimal effort. While sometimes these sessions can even be the best or those after a binge, a long weekend or late night that doesn’t mean you should eat, drink and be merry just to feel like you have had a solid session as the solid sessions wont shine through in the way you look if that’s the case, you cant out train a poor lifestyle.

It’s important to believe you can be your best and do your best all the time, help yourself in your diet, sleeping and supplementation to feel like this is achievable. Pair yourself with a motivator rather then the opposite. If your getting messages from then ten minutes before you hit the gym like ‘I don’t know if i can be bothered, the weather is shit etc’ and they always run late, help yourself and trade them in. Your progress is just as important.

  • Not standing your ground

When it comes to starting a new routine there may be certain guidelines that come into play, you might give up chocolate, dessert all together, smoking or drinking. If that’s the case, you need to let people know. Your friends, family and work colleagues and ask their support. If you are easily swayed by temptation tell them this and to not encourage it for you as it wont help. If you don’t tell them it’s a secret and they wont know, and secrets can be easily forgotten. Its not that you need them to judge you if you choose to sway on that one special occasion but allowing it to be your choice and not peer pressure is important. But you need to be firm, you need to make them realise this is important to you and something that you want to do. So when your asked out for dinner on the Friday night say ‘yeah that’s fine but I will drive as I’m not drinking’ etc can be helpful. True friends wont judge you, give opinion and make you feel guilty for not doing the same.

  • Giving Up

What do you think ‘learning from your mistakes’ means? It means giving it another go and not doing the same thing again, because that didn’t work the first time, maybe not event he second or third, but it means not giving up and if you just stop trying you certainly wont be on your way to getting the results you set out for in the first place.

The start and the finish can be the hardest. The start you might have to make big changes, hard changes, life-changing, thought requiring and routine altering changes. This can be hard on you, your lifestyle and learning that happy balance about to much, just enough, when and how to introduce those changes. Then the end is when your nearly there, but it’s not there yet, and it doesn’t seem to be coming as quickly or as easily as you hoped and your at a loss as to how to make it.. Its about having a plan, initially its small changes within your means to make it work and adding in new ones as you adjust. Working around your requirements of life, work, kids etc and finding balance. You will burn out and loose focus if you do to much at the start, but it can take a month for new habits to set in and for you to want to do these new routines so perseverance is key. Coming to the end and it may be you are finding that the current ways aren’t working, you need an extra push, extra motivation and go to get there. But your brain is telling you that you have already worked so hard you deserve it to just happen anyway right? and cant you just rest now?

Finally this the maintenance that can be hard, sure you reaches your goal but it was met doing what you are doing NOW not before, so you can’t go back to before and expect to to stay the same. Finding a happy balance you can maintain is key to not reverting to previous condition or worse.. then there are all the other points of self sabotage that lead to the easy road of just giving up.

Giving up makes you feel like you can’t finish something, you will feel unsuccessful and judged by others. There may be reasons you cant complete your goal and this isn’t giving up, this is circumstance like injury, family etc. it’s important to own your life and have control over it, its in your hands and yours alone but recognizing you need help to get to the final hurdle before you trip over it, is just as important as everything else too.


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A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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