Green tea calm chia pudding

I have been back at work for a week now since my Bali trip, oh how time fly’s and how I miss my Bali adventures.
But I have had plenty to keep me busy! Catching up on washing, house work, not to mention finally being able get back into routine with work, the gym and all my recipe creations!
I have loads to work on but luckily I find this a lot of fun. I am in the process of considering my next move for CleanTreats which as kept me mindfully busy, sometimes its a relief to jump into my bed (now requiring my electric blanket) and cozy up with a good book. I’m currently reading ‘the husbands secrets’ which I bought for my flight and by the pool in Bali, but as you can imagine very little got read. Its hard to focus on reading when its 30 degrees and you want to jump into the pool every 5 minutes! But I am back into it and it is a nice and easy to read story, relatable and not to much work. While I love authors like and brown and other plotting mysteries these can be mentally harder work and when your already go go go, I think sometimes it’s best to try and quiet the mind down a bit and this is some relaxation. Even when I am in the kitchen, while I like to call it my ‘me’ time, I often find myself working super fast doing three things at once, this is still fast thinking, fast paced and busy even if its enjoyment.
This week I have also managed to sit down to dinner and have everything I wanted done by this time that I can eat, and stay sitting and catch up on my favorite; MKR which has now hit finals week! While I don’t really have a favorite, I do love the teams that are there but some have surprised me with how far they have gotten… to not start a war on favorites this is the most I will mention!

My upcoming weekend will see me back up int he North of the state, Launceston to visit my little baby Ellie and my Friend Jess, soon to move away on new adventures to WA! I will miss her so much, but I know she loves it over there as she has been before, she has her lovely sister to help her out and we will keep in touch, not to mention it might force me to see more of my own backyard..even though I am desperate to see Japan and Thailand soon!

The below recipe is just one of my creations using delicious chia seeds and the hidden goodness of the Gusto herbs Clam smoothie booster blend.

Green tea calm chia pudding
serves 1

2tbsp chia seeds
2tsp honey
1/2-1tsp gusto calm
1-2tsp match green tea
3tbsp coconut milk
3tbsp almond milk
2tbsp water

Combine your liquids in a cup and heat in the microwave for 30 seconds.
Stir in your matcha and gusto until dissolved in. Just add your matcha depending of your green tea taste liking.
Add your chia and stir well.
Place in the fridge to start to set into a gel like consistency.
Serve with some berries and cacao nibs or cocoa sprinkled ontop.


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