Double chocolate peppermint “Nice-cream” sandwich

Double chocolate peppermint “Nice-cream” sandwich
Gluten free | Dairy free option | Raw | refined sugar free

Makes 1 sandwich
4x double chocolate Flex Bites
2tsp water
1tsp honey

Makes two serves
30g banana frozen
1tsp mint essence
1/2 scoop (15g) vanilla protein powder
2tbsp coconut cream (thick component)
40g cashews soaked overnight
1/2tsp honey
Green food color

1. Break up your FlexBites and add the water and honey in. Combine.
2. Separate into two equal proportions
3. Shape into two equal size disks, a cookie cutter mighty help with this. Place between two sheets of baking paper and into the fridge till your ready.
4. Make your ice-cream
5. Do this by adding everything into a food processor by not the banana or food coloring just yet.
6. Blend until the cashews are creamy.
7. Add your banana and a touch of food coloring. Use your judgement on coloring, add a small amount at first then add more if you want it more intense. Blend till smooth.
8. Place into a small bowl and into the freezer for an hr giving a stir to avoid crystallization every 20mins or so.
9. You can assemble once the ice-cream holds its shape.
10. Place one disk down first, spoon on your ice-cream, place your top on and your done! Enjoy

Eat before it melts!

You can even add cacao nibs for mint Choc chip or roll through coconut.

*making this dairy free completely, choose a non-dairy based protein powder!

I use frozen banana as they create a thicker and creamier mix. Freeze your banana by taking it out of the peel first and chopping up, place into a snap lock bag. This can be used for smoothies too!


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