Coffee not Coffee


Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Coffee not Coffee is an Australian Company that is Coffee but like no other.

Whats so special? It has the addition of nutrients and herbs to create a unique blend of instant coffee in single serve sachets as a just add water mix. The blend is lower in caffeine then your regular coffee drinks but with the added super-foods and herbs the energy effect is still achieved in a more natural and balanced way.

The company have a range of products and I have been lucky enough to give the two flavors ago:
Raspberry Slimming Coffee
Detox Green Tea

30_wellness_with_raspberry_largeFirst off I gave the raspberry coffee and go. I opened it up and saw the numerous single serve sachets in the bag, very convenient and especially easy to take with you. Now there is no reason to slip for your carefully planned days when you can take these in your purse! Upon opening these naturally my first instinct was to give it a smell, it smelt of both coffee and a sweetness of raspberry. Pleasantly inviting.
Pouring it in and as directed adding my boiling water. The serving suggestion also says you can add milk and sweetener but i chose to go as is, I’m a long black kind of girl and with decreased coffee then a standard drink I didn’t think I would be fighting with bitterness in this drink.
My thoughts were correct, dissolving almost without a stir and a creamy latte color it looked just like a home brewed coffee!
The flavor was not to intense and delicious to drink, I drank mine really fast so I knew it was enjoyable! With no bitterness coming through at all, even the 1/4 strength caramel skinny latte coffee goers would be satisfied with this!

The raspberry Slimming coffee comes in at only 46calories per serve and less then 1g in everything else so its a great low calorie option to your standard coffee combination.
The combination that Coffee Not Coffee have come up with of the raspberry keytones and caffeine aid in being able to increase the brain function, metabolism, alertness, can help fight fatigue, increase alertness, reduce body fat and overall stimulant effect without drinking an energy drink itself!
The science that has gone into the consideration of the ingredients is great with raspberry keytones working to increase the levels of adiponectin in the body this also helps in blood sugar level controls, increasing metabolism and therefore aiding int he burning of fat cells. Already I am struggling to think of a reason my I wouldn’t replace my coffee with this delicious easy to prepare drink!

Onto my next product to try; the Detox green tea. I am a huge green tea drinker, sometimes 4-5 a day. Its great and I often find myself going to have one out of habit and to help suppress my appetite to ensure I don’t partake in mindless snacking instead. So considering myself a junior expert in the realm of green tea I have high hopes.. The Green Tea blend is tasty to drink, not harsh in to much green tea flavor and pleasant to drink on it’s own. Before I got into the health and fitness industry the overall thought of green tea made me want to vomit, now I buy the biggest box of teabags that I can find! I guess the only issue I would find with my love for green tea so high is that the bags don’t come with enough serves! But I guess that just means I will become their best customer!

Green Tea is often used to help detox, with minimal calories and aiding in flushing out the body as well as great antioxidants and clearing the skin and replenishing properties. Detox Green Tea utalizes high quality green tea to do just that; boosting metabolism, improving sleep, calming effect, improving fat deposits and cell breakdown, immune booster, digestive aid and even with anti-aging properties.

Coffee Not Coffee don’t stop just there though also included in their product lists are:
African Mango Coffee
Detox Green Tea Coffee
Slimming Hot Cacao

So there is something to suit everyone’s taste, preference and slimming goals!
They even have items to make it easy to drink your deliciousness on the go of course which you can shop everything here!


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