Back Workout

Back into training with Brodie, and he wanted to do back, yesterday upon making the suggestion I turned my nose up, I hate back, as previously mentions. But he made a point of saying get the big sessions out of the way early, eave the smaller ie. shoulders for the end. It makes the weekend all the more enjoyable at least! So I went with the suggestion and made up our program as we went:

One arm dumbbell rows – 3 sets – 5 slow and hold at the bottom with 10 full.

One arm dumbbell rows – triple drop set. 10 reps each

Seated cable row with middle back single arm row – 3 sets – 5 slow and 10 fast cable row, with 10 reps each arm middle back.

Middle back row – 1 set – triple drop set (6,8,10reps – or fatigue)

High low cable row with wide grip lat pulls – 3 sets – 20 rep high/low and 10 reps (10 sec hold on the last) wide grip lat pull downs.

Assisted chin ups – 2 sets – 10 bottom half, 10 top talk, 10 full
Prior to this I did a quick cardio/ab smash session
15 minutes HIIT bike training – 30 seconds on/45seconds off
1500m on the rower – 150m 80%, 100% as love a possible to then continue through to 1500m (i took 6.5minutes)
200 reps of any ab exercise or combination – I did leg raises, 100 and 100 bicycle crunches!

Cardio/Abs training idea from Sharna Bender Fitness Model.


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