X50 – green tea and goodies

Greenteax50 or Skinny Protein, as some may know provided me with a box of their goodies and deliciousness recently to try out. I even got a surprise gift, a taste test of their upcoming new flavor, but shhh its a secret and not my secret to tell. But you will love it that’s for sure!

Green Tea X50

Green Tea X50

The goodies I was able to test out were more then I was expecting (but who am I to complain!) this means I get multiple samples of the same product, to ensure I really do like it time and time again!

My goodies included:

  • greenteax50 in the newest flavor: iced coffee
  • a 6 pack of ready to drink skinny protein shakes
  • skinny protein powder samples
  • mini mixed taster pack of all their greenteax50 flavors

My first taste test was to the greenteax50 new flavor; iced coffee. Initially I missed this with a full shaker of water. I am fairly used tot he x50 green tea product personally buying the tropical, mango and raspberry flavors for myself and loving all of them, these are much sweeter as they are fruity so the work well with my shaker of water. For the iced coffee though I felt for me the whole shaker full was to much. Perhaps because I drink my coffee as a long black? I needed the intensity of coffee flavor. But I didn’t dislike the taste, so next time all I did was reduce the water to half, this made for a perfect taste, flavor and enjoyable drink!

Also provided with my mini mix pack I have also now been topped up with my favorite flavors tropical, raspberry and mango. My stand out with these is the mango, I never want to run out it’s delicious! I fit my x50 into my daily intake around 2-3pm in the afternoon, with its low calorie levels and energy increasing ability I find it far more beneficial then a standard coffee and more refreshing. It picks me up for my afternoon tasks and helps to ensure I get my water intake for the day will a whole 500mls of water consumed when I mix it up! This is great as sometimes by this time of the day I don’t want to drink plain old boring water so this helps a treat!

Another added bonus is their convenient mini sachets, even if I’m headed out with just my wallet it can easily slip into my purse and taken with me where ever I go and they mix up really well so you don’t even need a shaker, straight into your drink bottle is fine.

The skinny protein comes in a variety of flavors of chocolate, vanilla and cookies and cream so they are providing goods to suit everyone! With 22g of protein per serve, low fat and sugar and 150calories per serve they even fill in well as an afternoon or mid morning snack to stop you going for those cakes and goodies and undoing all that hard work! Their premixed shakes are a little higher in calories and ingredients listing then the sachets but this is just what happens with any premixed item, they are super thick to drink (pleasantly so!) and taste great. I was headed to the hairdresser and took one with me for an easy snack. I found this convenient so I could discard the bottle after without carrying around empty shakers and also not having to source water to mix up! Convenience is the key! Having tried the chocolate already I am very impressed the taste is great considering its low sugar and fat levels! It is a sweet chocolate taste which is present to drink and mixes well. If you don’t enjoy an overly thick drink that reminds you of a smoothie then this is a great choice of product!

Their online store has free shipping with all orders and they now even have some clothes included in their line, you can check it all out on here. And if you prefer t buy from a stockists, they are located in many areas which you can search your nearest here.

These guys are continuing to add more and more products, flavors and goodies to their online store adding great variety and easy access to everything you want, keep an eye on them for lots more to come, you will like their next addition to the family!


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